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Happy National Apprenticeship Week!

9.3.2018 by Jenn Granger

Where would we be without our apprentices? They’re bursting with fresh ideas, always ready to get stuck in and buzzing with energy (even at Monday Morning Meeting!). UKFast apprentices are a huge part of our culture and make up 15% of our team! From IT to maintenance to events, we cover so much and have such a fantastic set of personalities here at our Manchester campus. So for National Apprenticeship Week, we knew we had to do something special. We’ve been spoiling our apprentices rotten and letting them know just what we think of them. They’ve been singing our praises…

UKFast vs Digital Skills Gap

13.5.2016 by Guest

Manchester’s digital technology industry is growing at an incredible pace, and is a main driver behind the Northern Powerhouse. The city is now home to the second largest tech hub in the country in terms of number of jobs, with a…

Apprenticeships in Digital

17.3.2016 by Guest

In honour of National Apprenticeship Week, Simon of digital marketing agency PushON shares why apprentices are a key ingredient to the success of PushON's business model, and how we can learn from the past!  PushON has been following National Apprenticeship Week since it…

The Apprentice

16.3.2016 by Katherine Kelly

From braving the boardroom as Lord Sugar’s apprentice, to co-founding a business that’s now in a position to hire its own, Neil Clough is well-versed in the subject. We caught up with him when he spoke at our recent Apprenticeship Employee Engagement…

Today’s Apprentices; Tomorrow’s Leaders

14.3.2016 by Guest

Getting National Apprenticeship Week off to a rousing start we've got a very special guest blog from Sue Husband, Director of the National Apprenticeship Service. Today she shares her insights and hopes for the future! Today marks the start of…

Fridays at UKFast – 12th February

12.2.2016 by Katherine Kelly

If you’re reading this then you made it – it’s Friday afternoon! This week we’ve been talking about how to stand out in the digital landscape, and our new eCloud! Discover why the public sector is looking up, and how…

Fridays at UKFast – 5th February 2016

5.2.2016 by Katherine Kelly

Friday you beautyyy! There’s been a whole heap of things going on this week – we’ve been talking about why we hosted an extra-special apprenticeship event and how the day went, why the new Safe Harbour agreement’s name is better…

A Brighter Future

4.2.2016 by Katherine Kelly

Yesterday UKFast opened its doors to a whopping 120 apprentices – it was an incredible day and we hope that they enjoyed it as much as we did! Our Apprenticeship Scheme has always been something we’re hugely proud of, and…

Get On Board With Apprentice-Ships

4.12.2014 by Katherine Kelly

Last Thursday some of our lovely UKFasters were invited onto the HMS St Albans on the Thames in London. Who would be mad enough to let our crazy team onto a serving warship? The National Apprenticeship Service (yep, they were…