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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Who Cares What AJAX Stands For?

3.4.2006 by Chris N

First, let me introduce myself. I'm Chris. I spend my days at UKFast weaving PHP pages from cold hard text, fiddling with brain-blendingly complex SQL queries and dancing the mystical dance of CSS. When I'm not dealing with that triumvirate of three letter abbreviations (let's not get started on the acc vs abb stuff), I like to try and get my head round new web tech. Currently the biggest noise in development circles goes by the rather unwieldy name AJAX. And it's actually the word AJAX, rather than the technology it describes, that I want to talk about. The technology…

Is AjaxWrite the New Microsoft Word?

24.3.2006 by Mother Superior

Like most of my generation, I have not written a document without the aid of a keyboard for about 10 years. I remember a strange transition period at University in the mid 90's when I would begin writing essays in…