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Thinking Outside the Box: the next wave of eCommerce postage tech

15.9.2017 by Al McCloud

There’s nothing like the excitement of receiving a parcel. It’s all the magic of Christmas morning, but on a rainy Tuesday in the office. The thrill of a new delivery, combined with the convenience and cost-saving of eCommerce has tempted us all into buying more - we're even ordering things we could buy from a shop across the street. ECommerce delivery is now so frictionless that for many shoppers it’s the preferred method when buying essentials like food and clothes. If this trend continues, will our country cope? Will our roads clog up to a standstill with delivery vans? Would…

What’s The Situation With Automation?

20.6.2017 by Al McCloud

Whatever your line of work (unless you’re a lumberjack or glass-blower) it likely includes collecting and redistributing data. You probably don’t call it ‘redistributing data’ though, because that would be weird. Instead, you’ll know it as sharing sales figures or…

Looking (back)Up at the Clouds

22.2.2017 by Penny Piper

Last week, Team UKFast took its hugely successful Cloud UK Live event on tour to London. More than 100 people – and a few flamingos – joined us at Kensington Roof Gardens, alongside industry leaders including Microsoft, Cisco and VMware. Discussions…

Fast Fridays – 27th January 2017

27.1.2017 by Katherine Kelly

Happy belated Burns night, Chinese New Year and weekend everyone! This week’s been all go, with a new webinar arising on the horizon and the final instalment of our blogs in which we reviewed our tech predictions from the previous…

Fast Fridays – 28th October 2016

28.10.2016 by Katherine Kelly

Halloween is mere days away and I hope you're scarily excited! In the meantime, you can catch up with this week’s blog, from the frightfully good sports machines announced for Inspire MCR to finding out the spooky similarity between eCommerce experts…

Fast Fridays – 7th October 2016

7.10.2016 by Katherine Kelly

Happy Friday humans, you’ve made it through another week and are mere hours away from the sweet taste of the weekend (which tastes like sleep and fun in case you were wondering). In this week’s blog we’ve been talking about…

Fast Fridays – 30th September 2016

30.9.2016 by Katherine Kelly

It’s over, you made it, happy Friday! Now the only thing you have to do before you sink into a comfy chair with a hot cuppa tea (or jump into something infinitely less comfortable and head out into the world…

Fridays at UKFast – 8th July

8.7.2016 by Katherine Kelly

Well done on making it to Friday everyone – you’re nearly done for the week, but there’s just one more thing you need to read before you settle into Saturday’s welcoming arms: the tech roundup. In this week's blog we’ve been sharing…

Fridays at UKFast – Friday 1st July

1.7.2016 by Katherine Kelly

Congratulations on being Friday everyone. Yeah, you heard. You are Friday. Over the last week we’ve been talking about how Brexit affects the GDPR, and why we’re holding fast in the wake of it. We’ve had expert insight on the…

Robocops In Real Life

18.11.2014 by Katherine Kelly

The K5 Autonomous Data Machine looks a bit like the lovechild of EVE from Wall-E and R2D2 – and has been built to take over security jobs. Californian start-up Knightscope has designed these upgraded bots to replace human guards everywhere…