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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

UKFast’s Environmental Management Programme

21.6.2016 by Guest

Last year UKFast transitioned to ISO14001:2015 as part of an early adoption programme, demonstrating our further commitment to a clean and healthy environment – not only within our workplace, but also within the wider community. Our compliance expert Anthony has the lowdown on what you need to know. What is ISO14001? ISO14001 is an international standard that establishes the framework for an Environmental Management System.  This is a completely voluntary programme but helps us manage our activities in an environmentally responsible way.  This ensures that we meet all legal and customer requirements and reduce costs. How does UKFast apply ISO14001?…

Delivering a Quality Service with ISO9001

20.5.2016 by Guest

You may have seen ISO9001 on our website and wonder what it is and what it means for you.  ISO9001 is a quality management system that provides the capability for companies to deliver quality services and products to their customers.…

Strengthening the Weak Links in your Supply Chain

15.2.2016 by Guest

You may be taking robust measures to sort out information security, cybercrime, and data privacy in your own business, but are weak links in your supply chain leaving you exposed? Len Simmons, technical director of Altius VA, has the answer. In…

Going for Gold

10.2.2016 by Jenn Granger

They say that what you do to others will come back to you. Often – in a less charitable yet more hilarious sense – this will be in the form of instant karma. But, in a more professional/less terrible person…

The Public Sector is Looking Up

9.2.2016 by Jenn Granger

Change is a-foot in the public sector! The government’s ‘cloud first’ approach to IT saved over £1bn in 2015 according to one government IT expert and thanks to digital services like G-Cloud there are more options and an easy-to-use way…

Our Continuing Commitment to Quality Standards

9.10.2012 by Alice Cullen

We are delighted to reveal that we recently renewed our ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and PCI DSS accreditations, ensuring we are maintaining our high quality standards across the business. We are PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant…

World IPv6 Day: A New Generation of IP Addresses

8.6.2011 by Jenn Granger

What is IPv6? IPv6 is the 'next generation' of IP addresses, developed in 1994. At 32 bits, there are 4,294,967,296 IPv4 addresses - not even enough for every person in the world to have one. In comparison, IPv6 uses 128-bit addresses, producing…

What Does Carbon Neutrality Mean for Information Security at UKFast?

22.10.2010 by The Brigadier

Good 'green' practices and robust information security are doctrines that most consider to be polar opposites in social philosophies. Talk of 'green practices' and 'carbon neutrality' conjures up images of reduced product quality and ill-conceived environmental controls in order to…

Caring the Carbon Way

21.10.2010 by Darren Taylor

I am head of customer service for UKFast. I am a husband. I am a singer. I am a friend. I am a brother. Like everyone I am many different things. From time to time I like to reflect on…

Avoiding Internal Data Theft

7.9.2010 by Stephen McNamara

Research shows that many employees would be happy to make a copy of private company information, just in case it comes in handy at a new job. The survey, carried out by Texas-based security company SailPoint Technologies Inc., questioned over…