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4 FREE Resources for Public Sector Organisations

16.9.2019 by Charlotte Greene

There’s no doubt that digital technologies are significantly transforming the public sector. And with tight budgets and a lack of technical expertise available, many public sector organisations still have a long way to go in transforming their legacy systems. But…

Friday 13th September Tech News Roundup

13.9.2019 by Charlotte Greene

Ahhh Friday 13th. While the day may not be as terrifying as it seemed when you were back in school, it still has some weird and wonderful western superstition attached to it. So, for today’s news roundup, we’ve hunted down…

Behind the Scenes: PDH Sports’ Peak-Season Prep

12.9.2019 by Charlotte Greene

This Black Friday and peak-season prep blog is authored by Lisa Hargrave, co-founder of successful racket retailer  * After a hyperbolic 2018, the volume of online transactions around the Black Friday weekend and beyond is predicted to be even…

Black Friday 2019: When and How to Prepare

11.9.2019 by Charlotte Greene

Black Friday falls on 29th November this year – that’s less than 12 weeks away! With Cyber Monday following on 2nd December. What was once two days of discounted products has now become multiple weeks of flash deals and sales,…

Exim Exploit: What You Need to Know

9.9.2019 by Charlotte Greene

On Wednesday 4th September 2019, Exim maintainers announced that they had received a report of a potential remote exploit in Exim, in versions up to and including 4.92.2. CVE-2019-15846 is the new unauthenticated remote code execution vulnerability in the Exim…

How to Protect from SQL Injection Attacks

3.9.2019 by Charlotte Greene

With so many modern-day applications driven by data and easily accessible via the web, SQL injection vulnerabilities have become widespread and exploited simply by criminals. In the first quarter of 2019 alone, the UKFast Threat Monitoring service detected nearly 30,000…

5 FREE Resources to Kickstart Your Week

2.9.2019 by Charlotte Greene

Did you know that UKFast provides free, informative webinars and whitepapers on a whole host of topics to help you develop your business? In this blog we’ve gathered five of our latest whitepapers and webinars which will get you up…

How We’re Reducing Our Environmental Impact

30.8.2019 by Charlotte Greene

There’s no getting around it, the internet has a huge carbon footprint. But at UKFast we’re always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact and have a more positive effect on the planet we all share. Whether it’s encouraging…

#BacktoBasics: Shared vs. Dedicated Cloud Hosting

29.8.2019 by Charlotte Greene

If you’re stuck on deciding whether a shared or dedicated cloud hosting solution is best for your business, then why not give our highly qualified experts a call now on 0800 458 4545? Selecting the right type of hosting solution…

How Better Training Can Mitigate Supply Chain Risk

27.8.2019 by Charlotte Greene

This guest blog is authored by Edward Whittingham, Founder and MD of cybersecurity firm The Defence Works. The Defence Works brings together hard-hitting insights, efficient practices and simple hacks to keep businesses safe and offers bite-sized cybersecurity awareness training through…