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The GDPR: More Than Just Fines

No one could blame you for being intimidated by the new maximum GDPR fine; it is, even by Bill Gates standard, a lot of money. For those of you that don’t know how much your business could be fined in future – it’s up to €20,000,000 or 4% of global annual turnover, whichever is higher. […]

The UK’s Identity Theft Crisis

Credit card fraud

The first step in curbing any addiction is admitting you have one. So, with a deep breath, here goes: my name is Al McCloud, I’m 29 years old, and I love feeding paper into paper shredders. I know it’s wrong; I’m far too old to enjoy these simple pleasures. My addiction has got so bad […]

Why Can’t We Vote Online?

e-voting general election

The internet lets you invest cautiously in the stock market or gamble away your savings, pay your council tax or book a holiday, socialise with friends or hide away with a movie. However you want to live your life, the internet supports you. And there’s not much you can’t do online – but you still […]

Cyber-Crime: What Is The Risk?

Cyber Crime

Cyber-attacks are increasing in severity and magnitude. This is in no small part because businesses are failing to identify the many different ways that attacks are carried out by cyber-criminals . The global cost of cyber-crime is in the millions, and it’s expected to reach billions, so make sure that you understand your business’s weaknesses before […]

4 eCommerce Predictions That Haven’t Come True


Back in the mid-80s two scriptwriters named Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale sat down to work. They wanted to envision a technological landscape three decades into the future. After many late nights of work, they had imagined a neon, glowing future with self-lacing trainers, 3D movies and a tyrannical, completely unqualified bully named president. Many […]

Fast Friday -18th August 2017

Here’s our five favourite tech links from the last week! Have a great weekend. 1. Setting a president with tech Whilst the US waited for its president to respond to the reports of white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, some tech companies took it upon themselves to take a stance. Spotify were called out for hosting […]

Awards Toward The Future

Digital Entrepreneur Awards

When you think of UKFast, what first comes to mind? Cloud hosting? Well, UKFast is so much more than a cloud hosting company.  In our spare time we’ve created Unlocked, a cybersecurity conference to bring free professional cybersecurity advice to businesses across the country, Inspire MCR to brings business advice to entrepreneurs and startups, and […]

Fast Friday – 11th August 2017


Here’s our five favourite tech links from the last week! Have a great weekend. 1. Game Of Pwns  Spoiler-free content ahead, I promise. HBO should focus less on their swords and more or their pas-swords. Get it? See what I did there? The makers of a little TV show called Game Of Thrones have suffered a […]

Never Look At Your Website As Finished

Digital Next CEO

Following the success of our recent eCommerce webinar, we’re delighted to welcome a guest blog from Digital Next COO Mark Blackhurst.  As a joint founder of Digital Next, Google partner and official web partner of UKFast, alongside my brother Justin Blackhurst, I was invited to offer my thoughts on how your website can play a huge […]