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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Social Networking

6.4.2006 by Chris N

OK so there's been a lot of news lately about Myspace: Firebombing! Police stings! Rupert Murdoch! For those of you unaware (i.e. those of you who aren't as young and cool as you think you are), Myspace is a 'social…

Desktop Psychology

5.4.2006 by Chris N

You can tell a lot about a person by sneaking up to their desk when they're out of the office, rifling through their pockets and messing around on their PC - or, if you're afforded god-like status by virtue of…

Office 06

4.4.2006 by Chris N

My friends, we're living in the future. We can communicate with people across the globe as if they were in the next room, we can annoy people on the train with a vast array of portable noise-making devices, and we…

Who Cares What AJAX Stands For?

3.4.2006 by Chris N

First, let me introduce myself. I'm Chris. I spend my days at UKFast weaving PHP pages from cold hard text, fiddling with brain-blendingly complex SQL queries and dancing the mystical dance of CSS. When I'm not dealing with that triumvirate…

Amazon and Microsoft – Blog or Not?

31.3.2006 by Mother Superior

This week has seen two of the Net's biggest names clashing over the subject of blogging. There's been a lot of talk about company blogs and how necessary they are. Nicholas Carr started the week by giving his rules for…

Getting 100% out of Meetings

30.3.2006 by Mother Superior

I was interested to read Seth Godin's post about investing in meetings as an audience this morning as it's currently quite pertinent to UKFast. It relates in two senses - with internal and external meetings. UKFast is expanding. In order…

Top Level Domains

29.3.2006 by Mother Superior

I'm interested in people's views on how the increasing range of tlds affects business and consumers online. In particular there's .travel, which attempts to create an online directory incorporating millions of travel websites. As an industry, travel and tourism is…

Internet Training For New Recruits

28.3.2006 by Mother Superior

I am involved in training some new recruits at UKFast this week and I've realised that the subject is so huge that you can't assume what people will know and what they won’t. As we're a hosting company, the core…

Image Size and Uploading

27.3.2006 by Mother Superior

There's a running debate over in the creative office here today. The Research and Development team are questioning the Design team on the configuration of images for websites. The question is: Should a designer spend time dividing the image into…

Is AjaxWrite the New Microsoft Word?

24.3.2006 by Mother Superior

Like most of my generation, I have not written a document without the aid of a keyboard for about 10 years. I remember a strange transition period at University in the mid 90's when I would begin writing essays in…