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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

A Time for Start-ups and Pattern Recognition

7.9.2006 by Mother Superior

Esther Dyson, editor-at-large of CNet has done a short interview with the Guardian that covers useful ground. She has a very broad knowledge of the industry and the interview is well worth reading. I'm pleased she raised the point that…

Building the Profile of a Creative Sector

6.9.2006 by Mother Superior

Yesterday, I spent the day at FACT in Liverpool. I was producing a podcast for the Arts Council, who were presenting a one day conference for Arts organisations across the North West. The day was all about blogging, podcasting, RSS…

Everyone Wants Their Profit From the Web

30.8.2006 by Mother Superior

The UK's most prominent political bloggers have seen the future. They're centralising their content in a bid to make revenue from advertising. Not just any advertising though - advertising that their readership want to see. This news is followed hot…

The Web’s Best Industries

23.8.2006 by Mother Superior

I'm working with Internet consultancy Harper James at the moment to produce a list of the UK's best industries online. In order to build an extensive list, I'd love to consider people's thoughts on the best and worst of those…

Revenue Drives Difficult Decisions

22.8.2006 by Mother Superior

The Internet is driven by the need to monetise, that's a given, but as the fastest growing industry in the world it seems to work much faster than any other. Just as articles spring up on the Internet about the…

What Makes You an Author?

16.8.2006 by Mother Superior

One of the Time top 50 websites of 2006 is Time concentrates on the site's service of turning blogs into hard copy books and it got me thinking about what gives information authority. The web has nurtured the emergence…

The World’s Content Providers no Longer?

14.8.2006 by Mother Superior

While Disney is currently ruling out big Internet partnerships, Viacom is trying to gain ground on Murdoch as he continues to gallop away in the broadcasters online race. Not only is Viacom looking closely at Bebo, but Techcrunch tells us…

The Importance of a Domain Name

11.8.2006 by Mother Superior

What with,, and many others all experiencing ownership disputes at one time or another, it would be easy to think that there's plenty of import in a name. In, the book by Kieran McCarthy (to be…

The Click Fraud Solution

4.8.2006 by Mother Superior

There's a good article in business week about click fraud and the talks in progress between Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Media Rating Council, who've joined together to form the Click Measurement Working Group. The Internet…

Online Holds the Future of Music

26.7.2006 by Mother Superior

The title of this post would immediately suggest I might be referring to the buying and selling of recorded music - but actually my work with the Manchester Jazz Festival this week has highlighted a very different area. UKFast is…