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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Trojan Attackers Focus on eBay

6.3.2007 by Mother Superior

I think the popular perception is that email viruses are the most popular form of attack for cyber criminals - no doubt because they invade our own privacy in a tangible way. However, according to Sophos, the number of such…

Back Tracking on YouTube

2.3.2007 by Mother Superior

Literally moments after I posted the last blog, I noticed a story on the UKFast website which reveals another big content provider deal for YouTube. The BBC has signed a deal to create at least 2 dedicated channels on the…

YouTube a Short Term Phenomenon?

2.3.2007 by Mother Superior

Viacom's announcement that traffic is substantially up on its various video content sites is dangerous news for YouTube, which was instructed to remove all content belonging to the media producer just over a month ago. According to Google Trends it's…

Power of Social Networking for Businesses

1.3.2007 by Mother Superior

Heather Hopkins at Hitwise has an excellent piece of research on her blog about the strength of MySpace within TopShop's marketing strategy. It seems that MySpace is now sending more traffic to TopShop than MSN and Yahoo Search combined. If…

Mobile Defences

1.3.2007 by Mother Superior

If you are using mobile Internet devices, do you have secure network access and a company usage procedure? This may sound like overkill but mobile malware is a growing threat. According to Sophos' Security Threat Report 2007, sixty four percent…

Mobile Revolution

27.2.2007 by Mother Superior

Last week, I met up with Pete Petrondas of Eazyfone Group. They are the team behind which has fast become the most successful mobile phone recycling scheme in the UK. They were the first to start offering cash in…

UKFast Wins at the ISPAs

22.2.2007 by Mother Superior

I can't believe things have been so hectic that I haven't had a chance to blog about our ISPA experience last Thursday until now. The ISPA is an organisation punching well above its weight. Nicholas Lansman, the secretary general has…

Community Responsibility for Businesses

13.2.2007 by Mother Superior

Last Sunday I spent the afternoon watching world class squash. It's not something I'm able to claim that often - in fact, at all before now. And if the company I work for hadn't sponsored the event, I'm pretty sure…

The Road to Web Transparency

31.1.2007 by Mother Superior

When I visit a website and there are no contact details that place the company in a geographical area or names of company members I am always immediately suspicious of the legitimacy of the business. Transparency is something that has…

IPTV is Coming Ready or Not

29.1.2007 by Mother Superior

On one hand, we have Bill Gates, talking with abandon about TV on the Internet and how we'll look back in five years and laugh at what we once had. On the other, a new report provides a wary view…