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UKFast: How we’re fixing Britain’s skills gap alongside the world’s biggest tech firms

11.11.2021 by Katie Lander

By Arlene Bulfin, Director of People Development at UKFast How do you upskill and retrain an entire generation of workers to fill an estimated three million new tech jobs by 2025? That’s the dilemma our country now faces, with digital…

Cloud vs. on-premises: It’s not either/or any more

4.11.2021 by Katie Lander

In 2021, cloud computing is more popular than ever. After an unprecedented move towards remote working over the past year, organisations everywhere have decided the benefits of the cloud vastly outweigh the drawbacks. In fact, according to Gartner, global cloud…

4 ways to help your eCommerce site thrive post-pandemic

28.10.2021 by Katie Lander

The pandemic has driven a vast and transformative digital transformation in the retail industry. As lockdowns came and went, retailers everywhere realised that eCommerce was a vital lifeline to safeguard their business through disruption. Now, the challenge is to use…

It’s official: Ofsted rates our apprenticeships ‘Outstanding’

26.10.2021 by Katie Lander

UKFast has been awarded an ‘outstanding’ classification by Ofsted, the UK’s education regulator, for the fantastic quality of our apprenticeship programme. This makes us the only tech company in the North of England to have received the commendation and one…

How to prepare your eCommerce site for Peak Season 2021

21.9.2021 by Katie Lander

What you need to know and how to implement it Peak Season is perhaps the biggest opportunity for retailers to gain new customers and make sales. In fact, the average person in the UK buys four products on Peak Season.…

Get eCloud VPC. Save money. Relax.

6.9.2021 by Katie Lander

Done right, the cloud can save you money and enable better technology. But not all cloud platforms are built the same - and it’s important to choose the right cloud service for your business, to avoid hidden or surprise costs.…

AWS/Azure or eCloud VPC? How to get it right first time

6.9.2021 by Katie Lander

When most people think of the cloud, they generally think of two providers: Amazon Web Service (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. There’s plenty of good reasons for this; the cloud technology these two offer has enabled countless businesses to transform the…

Digital transformation in action: What does it mean for business owners?

6.9.2021 by Katie Lander

For most business leaders, digital transformation was the watchword of 2020. Whether it’s Microsoft Teams or virtual machines, companies everywhere looked to technology to stay in business through the disruption. In fact, 97% of businesses say the pandemic greatly or…

Why healthcare providers everywhere are heading to the cloud

8.8.2021 by Katie Lander

From rising patient demand to staff shortages, COVID-19 has presented a serious challenge to a healthcare system already under significant strain. And with online appointments, Track and Trace and more underway, the NHS IT infrastructure faces more pressure than ever…

2021: The year of healthcare transformation

28.7.2021 by Katie Lander

By Stephen Jewell, Director of Public Sector at UKFast Historically, the healthcare industry in the UK hasn’t been known for being a fast-moving, innovative adopter of new technology. It’s a perception that all public sector organisations contend with to an…