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Your GDPR Update: 216 Days To Go

GDPR update

Time waits for no man, and data regulation waits for no business. There are just 216 days left to get your business from where it currently stands to a fully GDPR compliant, water-tight data processing machine. How ready are you? No so much? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, as this week’s biggest stories reveal!  1. […]

5 Small But Important Security Measures for Your Online Shop


Are you starting your first eCommerce website? Maybe it’s been a while since you last triple-checked your security. With cyber-crime on the increase and new threats emerging all the time, it might be difficult to know where to start. Here are the five pillars of modern eCommerce security. Are you protecting yourself and your customers […]

Your GDPR Update: 232 Days To Go

GDPR update

Just reading UKFast’s latest GDPR puts you in the upper-echelons of UK business owners. New reports this week suggest that the majority of UK SMEs still have little or no understanding of the GDPR. With 232 days left to go, and time at its most precious, here are the latest GDPR updates to keep you […]

Your GDPR Update – 240 Days To Go

GDPR update

Two hundred and forty days. It seems like the distant future, doesn’t it? But it’s funny how time runs away from you – after all, there are only 90 days ‘til Christmas! How did that happen? With the GDPR well and truly on the horizon, here’s the latest bite-size news on your new favourite piece […]

Your GDPR Update: 247 Days To Go

GDPR update

With less than a year until your business needs to be GDPR compliant, we’re starting a new series to keep you abreast of the latest developments. Your GDPR Update will provide the latest news in one short burst, to compliment your journey to compliance. The GDPR begins process of becoming UK law  The legislation, which […]

The 5 Most Unexpected IoT Hacks of 2017


Hacking a PC is so 1999. These days, if you want props as a cybercriminal you’ve got to hack stuff. Smart fridges, smart cars, smart, erm, fidget spinners? You name it; if you can hack a smart device you’re basically X-Men’s Magneto without the silly helmet. Hacked cars, killer drones. It all sounds scary, doesn’t […]