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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Overseas Invasion Targets UK Consumers

5.9.2007 by Mother Superior

As a hosting provider UKFast gets a glimpse of the way the online industry is developing slightly ahead of other businesses. Quite often it's easy to spot which areas of the net will grow fastest or which are levelling off.…

Considering the Value of Online Surveys

4.9.2007 by Mother Superior

Every year at UKFast we do a customer satisfaction survey and we include the results in our strategies for improvement. Having doubled in growth each year over the last four we now have a very healthy dedicated servers client base.…

Google’s Idea of ‘Content is King’

3.8.2007 by Mother Superior

I searched for the words 'content is king' on Google today and the third result was a link to a page on the Microsoft website that lists Bill Gate's many articles and the publications they have appeared in. The phrase…

Power to the Privacy Advocates – or is it?

24.7.2007 by Mother Superior

We should all be pleased that the five big search engines have now shown a commitment to reducing the length of time that they retain potentially sensitive data about their users. Microsoft and Yahoo! announced their intentions this week, which…

Real People – Real Recommendations

11.7.2007 by Mother Superior

It is amazing what the internet has done for customer recommendation. With a record number of people saying that they search online for reviews of a product before purchasing, we're now finding that the general public are becoming very savvy…

Monitoring Brand Popularity Online

4.7.2007 by Mother Superior

Some results from a survey by PR agency immediate future have been published this week and they look at the Internet's most talked about brands. The study takes the Interbrand Top 100 Companies and looks at how they rank when…

The Traditional Retailer Rises Again

26.6.2007 by Mother Superior

Hitwise has released figures related to its Hot Shops List, which places online retail and travel operators in a popularity ranking based on visits to their websites. They started monitoring the list in May 2006, so last month was the…

E-commerce Transparency

24.5.2007 by Mother Superior

A new survey about internet consumers highlights a few very pleasing things that people like myself have been telling clients for some time. The survey by MoreComputers concentrates on the aspects of e-commerce sites that users find particularly displeasing. Having…

Online Ad Spend up, Microsoft + ITV Play Catch-up

21.5.2007 by Mother Superior

For the first time since Internet adspend began its dizzying climb, television advertising spend has dropped. A new report into online adspend shows that in the UK internet advertising has now broken the £2bn mark. When I began watching these…

Driving a Double Message in Web 2.0

18.5.2007 by Mother Superior

My viral video chart this morning alerted me to a great example of brand building. I hadn't come across before but a recent viral video posted on YouTube has certainly brought them a wider audience. It has been online…