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The Evolution and Future of Cloud Computing

21.2.2019 by Charlotte Greene

Cloud computing is everywhere nowadays, but have you ever wondered where it all began? More and more organisations and businesses rely on cloud computing to function, to hold their data, to ensure fast websites and access essential resources on the move. We’re becoming a society very much with our heads in the cloud. But how did this great technology come to be? Here are the main phases of cloud’s spectacular evolution. It started with an idea J. C. R. Licklider, a 1960s computer scientist, is known as the father of cloud. He created an early internet called Arpanet and is…

New UKFast APIs: Our Products, Your Way

20.2.2019 by Charlotte Greene

If you’ve been keeping up with the UKFast news this month, you may have heard that we recently announced our new API-first strategy. Well, today we’re here to tell you why we’re so excited about this new strategy and the…

DevOps Blog Series: Python versus Go

19.2.2019 by Charlotte Greene

UKFast DevOps engineer Tim is back once again to guide us through the important decision of choosing the right programming language for you. Over to you, Tim. * Different programming languages arouse deep and sometimes blinkered passions in the software…

Cybersecurity Trends: What is Purple Teaming?

18.2.2019 by Charlotte Greene

In a recent UKFast Cybersecurity Predictions webinar, the experts anticipated that purple teaming is set to be the next point of focus in 2019. But what is this new buzzword to hit the cybersecurity world? First, Blue and Red Teaming…

How to Build Successful Relationships

14.2.2019 by Charlotte Greene

Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone here at UKFast! We hope you’re enjoying all the love in the air today. At UKFast, it’s our focus on people that sets us apart from the rest. Since the beginning, we’ve always strived to…

Cloud UK Live Is Back: Save Your Seat Now!

13.2.2019 by Charlotte Greene

On Tuesday 19th March and Wednesday 20th March 2019, Cloud UK Live is returning to Manchester and London for yet another year. Join us at Manchester’s UKFast Campus, or at the prestigious venue The Shard in London, for a morning…

The Latest From Public Sector Live: Live Blog

12.2.2019 by Charlotte Greene

We're kicking off at 9.15am on Tuesday 12th February, LIVE from Public Sector Live 2019. See you there!

Meet UKFast’s Director of Technical Support

8.2.2019 by Charlotte Greene

At UKFast, providing outstanding technical support for our clients is always a top priority. But, to be able to support you the very best we can, we need the very best in the business to coordinate, train and motivate our…

Your Workplace Mental Health: It’s Time to Talk

7.2.2019 by Charlotte Greene

Did you know that one in four people in the UK are affected by mental health problems? Today is Time to Talk Day and we’re encouraging everyone to be more open and supportive when it comes to mental health, especially in…

Why We Need Better Social Media Regulation

5.2.2019 by Charlotte Greene

With nearly all teenagers in the UK currently using some form of social media, it’s estimated that number sits at 95%, should companies like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat be doing more to keep young people safe through improved social media…