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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Dev Blog: Step by step open source in practice

16.10.2020 by Guest

This guest post was authored by UKFast R&D team member Tyler Woonton. In today's global world, there's a growing demand to ensure your applications work correctly around the clock. Many businesses, including UKFast, rely on open source frameworks like Laravel and Lumen to provide effective solutions for their customers. By getting involved with open source development, business owners and developers can take a framework and shape it into something with the potential to help in innovative new ways. That's how UKFast’s Laravel Health Check package was created. As a development team we love using the package internally. It allows us…

Auto Scaling Applications with Kubernetes HPA

21.1.2020 by Guest

This week's guest blog is authored by Lee, one of our in-house DevOps engineers who works on developing our cloud products and streamlining our deployment processes.  At UKFast, we utilise Kubernetes for a variety of applications such as websites and…