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The ‘How’ and ‘Why’ of Cyber Attacks

DDoS Attack

If you were to ask my friends what my greatest skill is, they’d all agree that it is my ability to interpret the philosophy of 17th Century Chinese military leaders. Whilst it might be a bit dramatic to describe our modern internet as a war ground, Sun Tzu, author of ‘The Art of War’ and […]

Hop On Board Our Tech Week Tour Bus

UKFast Tour Bus

London Tech Week is a celebration of tech across our capital city. There are more than 300 events, all of which offer the opportunity to discuss, experience and learn about new technology. It’s a week of celebration and a chance to see how the future of our industry is shaping up. As it’s a tech […]

How much is your password worth?

linkedin and eharmony hack

It’s time to talk passwords, again. It’s only been a week or two since World Password Day. With the discovery of a data breach mother lode, it was great timing. Congratulations on updating your password. Great job on doing that thing. High five! Wait, you did update your passwords, didn’t you? Oh, you’re too busy […]

Unlocked London

Graham Cluley at UKFast Campus for Unlocked Manchester cybersecurity conference

According to the government, 65% of large businesses reported a cyber-attack in the past year. Around 50% of all cyber-attacks are targeted towards small businesses, and recent research revealed that a typical FTSE 100 firm is worse off by an average of £120m after a breach. So what do we do about it? Following the resounding success […]

Phishing Attacks are Getting Less Fishy


Cybercriminals are making it harder to spot something fishy going on with their phishing, even Google isn’t completely safe in the battle to defend its customers from dastardly email attacks. The latest attack took the form of an email, designed to look like an invitation to edit a Google Doc. Inside the email was a […]