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CentOS 5 and Ubuntu 12.04 End of Life Notice

6.4.2017 by Alice Cullen

I love a vintage treat, a nice retro designer jacket or racer bike from the seventies, but when it comes to technology it’s a different matter. Linux distro CentOS 5 reached ‘End of Life’ last week and operating system Ubuntu 12.04 is set to reach End of Life on 28th April 2017. Whilst this puts them in the category of hipster-trendy, in reality it means that it is unlikely that any more security patches or updates will be released for these versions. Security 101 is installing updates and patches, so not having those on offer causes a real security concern.…

The Keys to Unlocked

13.3.2017 by Penny Piper

On the 28th March, industry heavyweights including Microsoft, Cisco and Secarma will descend on UKFast Campus for Unlocked Manchester – our new cybersecurity conference. Expect an afternoon of in-depth insights into the world of cybersecurity and cyber-terrorism to make sure…

Primary Numbers

10.3.2017 by Penny Piper

Today is Programming for Primaries Awareness Day, a day to big up the importance of introducing computing to children from an early age. Alongside this, it’s a reminder of the areas of the community that are working extremely hard to…

Top of the Classroom

27.7.2016 by Guest

At UKFast we are always looking for new ways to get creative in the classroom and find new ways to tackle that pesky digital skills gap we always read so much about! Well, this time we’ve decided to take our…

Fridays at UKFast – 19th February 2016

19.2.2016 by Katherine Kelly

It’s Friday, the sun is out (well, it was, briefly), and we’re just about ready to hit the weekend! This week we’ve had expert advice on strengthening the weak links in your supply chain, been figuring out where the next…

The Linux Bug Getting Everyone’s Knickers in a Twist

17.2.2016 by Katherine Kelly

Here to spice up your Wednesday is a new 'mega bug' in Linux. The vulnerability potentially affects hundreds of thousands of Linux users and has the internet all of a bother. While it’s still in the early stages and it…

Why Linux is Making Daily Mail Headlines

21.1.2016 by Katherine Kelly

A new flaw has been discovered in the Linux operating system and judging from its guest appearance in the Daily Mail headlines, it’s bad in more ways than one. Good news is that patches are available/being worked on. If this…

Going (Micro)Soft on Open Source

24.9.2015 by Katherine Kelly

Microsoft has announced that it’ll be throwing down a new Linux distribution for its Azure cloud computing platform. This is pretty big news in kind of a Romeo and Juliet way, minus the bloodbath (literal one at least) and kitsch…

#BacktoBasics: Magento

13.7.2015 by Katherine Kelly

You might have heard the term Magento bandied about and wondered what in the name of the good lord Linux it was. Maybe you’re setting up an eCommerce website and want to know if Magento is the right choice for…

Fridays at UKFast – 17th April

17.4.2015 by Katherine Kelly

Happy Friday everyone! This week we’ve mainly been talking about how to debug yourself, and becoming a lifesaver; asking if you’re ready for Google’s new algorithm, and letting Windows users know about a new vulnerability! Now enjoy the best of…