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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

We offer our insight into the latest technology trends that could affect your business, from micro-computers to changes in the regulation of the internet.

E-books Lead the Way

9.6.2011 by Jenn Granger

When Amazon first released their e-book reader, the Kindle, in 2007, it sold out in five and a half hours. Even with this hype e-books were still seen as a relatively niche area. I don't believe many back then would…

Dell Rebounds First Following Recession

13.8.2010 by Lady Penelope

Research firm TheInfoPro has revealed that hardware giant Dell is going from strength to strength after server spending dropped globally during the economic crisis. The report, released earlier this week, surveyed 252 decision makers from Fortune 1000 companies and considered…

Promoting the Pioneers of the Internet

30.7.2010 by Lady Penelope

I have always been impressed by visionary companies that look far into the future. The main difference between them and others within their industry is the passion for building something great that will last for generations to come. Richard Branson…

Green Initiatives Gain Momentum Globally

23.7.2010 by Mother Superior

Environmental ministers have this week announced their latest eco-initiative to cut carbon emissions across Europe by 30 per cent, adding further weight to the global push for a greener future. David Porter from the Association of Electricity producers has cautioned…

Manchester is Top UK City

9.6.2009 by Dick Branston

It is official if we didn't already know. Manchester is the best city in the UK! The home of fine dining, fine arts, seats of great learning, the best football team in England (second best in Europe!) and the best…

Woolies Is Back!!…Well Sort Of

7.2.2009 by Dick Branston

Woolies has had a phoenix-like rebirth as an Internet retailer, the stories have enthused this week. The development is seen as a lovely, fluffy good news story to warm the hearts of Britons in these cold times. It is as…

Get the Tax Break That Actually Helps

1.12.2008 by Mother Superior

The Government is trying to counter the recession (and falling voter numbers) by offering short term tax incentives. The headline cut is the 2.5% on VAT that supposedly will have us all scurrying straight out to the shops. Additionally, Alistair…

The Power of Change

17.11.2008 by Mother Superior

So in the end the US Presidential contest was less of a battle than the preceding Democratic nomination process. But Why? Well it seems as though the message of change resonated powerfully with the US people. Either Obama or Clinton…

No Technology Recession

19.9.2008 by Mother Superior

The annual Interbrands survey gives an insight into the fastest growing global brands and shows that the technology and internet focused companies are making the largest gains. Google has jumped 43% in the last year climbing into the top 10…

Community Spirit Alive and Well in Manchester

14.5.2008 by Mother Superior

For those who don't know, Manchester is playing host to the UEFA Cup Final tonight and the city is full of Scottish and Russian fans. We're very fortunate at UKFast to have one of the best vantage points in Manchester.…