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Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

15.9.2008 by Mother Superior

Statistical surveys are interesting not just for the results they show but also for why they show those results. It is often said that stats can be made to support just about any contention depending on the timing, question wording,…

Internet Attackers Storm Valentine’s Day

18.1.2008 by Mother Superior

Following on from an earlier post about spam and the responsibility of the user to avoid encouragement, I thought it worth highlighting a particular attack that shifts its consumer focus. One of last year's worst viruses is known as Storm.…

Spam Increases – Are we to Blame

9.1.2008 by Mother Superior

December saw the worst proportion of spam to legitimate email that we have ever experienced according to a report by SoftScan. All the focus is on the perseverence of relentless spammers and not enough thought is being placed on the…

Power to the Privacy Advocates – or is it?

24.7.2007 by Mother Superior

We should all be pleased that the five big search engines have now shown a commitment to reducing the length of time that they retain potentially sensitive data about their users. Microsoft and Yahoo! announced their intentions this week, which…