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Get the latest updates, insight, top tips and expert advice  in the cybersecurity world. Working with our sister cybersecurity company Secarma, UKFast works to innovate super-secure products and services to protect your business. Read our range of security blogs, from our ‘top tips to fight the ransomware threat’ to ‘what is SIEM software?’.

Cybersecurity: What is UKFast Threat Monitoring?

24.4.2019 by Charlotte Greene

Get up to £10,000 towards your cybersecurity, including UKFast Threat Monitoring, today. Apply for UKFast’s BASEfund Today we’re delving into the world of UKFast Threat Monitoring. We’re getting to the bottom of this fantastic cybersecurity service and explaining exactly how it makes your business a much safer space for your valuable data. Here’s everything you need to know about UKFast Threat Monitoring. What is UKFast Threat Monitoring? UKFast Threat Monitoring is a service where your networks or endpoints are continuously monitored for security threats. Threats include any type of intrusion or exfiltration of your  data. These can include cross-site scripting…

Five Products to Bolster Your Cybersecurity Now

23.4.2019 by Charlotte Greene

Get up to £10,000 towards your cybersecurity measures with BASEfund. Your cybersecurity measures must be able to defend your business against the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber-threats. With DDoS attacks, data exfiltration attempts, a constant stream of phishing emails…

DDoS Attacks: A History of their Evolution

16.4.2019 by Charlotte Greene

Over the last two decades, dramatic changes in the tech industry have altered the changing landscape of advancing cyber-attacks. The threat of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks is increasing and evolving. But where did it all begin? Let’s find…

Cybersecurity: What is SIEM Software?

2.4.2019 by Charlotte Greene

SIEM software is a hot topic in the current tech landscape. Cybercrime threatens organisations of all sizes around the world. Therefore it’s important for businesses to be able to monitor malicious behaviour. So, what if your business could view all…

Cybersecurity Trends: What is Siegeware?

7.3.2019 by Charlotte Greene

Senior cybersecurity researcher Stephen Cobb recently published an article on siegeware, a rising threat to organisations around the world. The article asks what you would do if you received a text that read: “We have hacked all the control systems…

A Rise in Online Crime: Key Findings from 2018

6.3.2019 by Charlotte Greene

A 2019 threat report has highlighted the most concerning trends in online crime. The report is an insight into the ever-changing world of cybercrime. It reveals crucial statistics that help businesses to stay up-to-date with the most common cyber-attack methods.…

Cybersecurity Trends: What is Purple Teaming?

18.2.2019 by Charlotte Greene

In a recent UKFast Cybersecurity Predictions webinar, the experts anticipated that purple teaming is set to be the next point of focus in 2019. But what is this new buzzword to hit the cybersecurity world? First, Blue and Red Teaming…

Crimeware-as-a-Service: The Real Cyber-Threat

4.2.2019 by Charlotte Greene

It’s no secret that cyber-attacks have grown in frequency, sophistication and scale over the last decade or so. And while we can put this down to better reporting of attacks or more data readily available to tempt criminals, there is…

Data Privacy Day: 4 Ways to Secure Your Data

28.1.2019 by Charlotte Greene

Discover the different types of attacks out there and what risks they pose to your business. Download the whitepaper Today is International Data Privacy Day. With cyber-attacks becoming more sophisticated and frequent than ever, Data Privacy Day is an international…

What Are Thingbots and Why Are They a Threat?

14.1.2019 by Charlotte Greene

The wonderful world of cyber-threats is full of buzzwords and phrases. Red teaming, botnet, IoT, smart attacks, thingbots...the list is getting pretty long as the landscape evolves and mutates. But what on earth are thingbots? And why are they a…