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Author Archives: Alice Cullen

Everyone Can: How Gaming Transforms Lives

21.8.2018 by Alice Cullen

What better way to make friends as a child in our modern world than over a video game session with friends? Not only are they having fun, they’re learning essential soft skills, improving communication and familiarising themselves with technology. Yet, for many children the ability to play these games is simply out of reach. That’s where Everyone Can comes in. The Manchester-based charity helps disabled people to speak, live independently, to control their environment and to have fun. Its gaming centre opens up the world of gaming to children of all abilities, meaning siblings of mixed abilities can play together…

UKFast at the Seashell Trust

26.7.2018 by Alice Cullen

When you think of a technology business, the last thing to spring to mind is gardening or painting fences. However that’s just what some of the UKFast team have been doing today, over at Seashell Trust. Seashell Trust is a…

What Five Things Should You Look For in a Hosting Provider?

19.7.2018 by Alice Cullen

Finding the right hosting partner can be a difficult thing. Your website is your pride and joy so who should you trust with your big business venture? Your eCommerce website needs to carry you through peak periods of intense traffic…

Spectre and Meltdown Latest

21.5.2018 by Alice Cullen

At 10:00pm on 21st May, Intel announced further information about a known vulnerability within its CPU architecture. This vulnerability follows the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities disclosed in January. UKFast is aware of the vulnerabilities and UKFast engineers are working with…

GDPR Unlocked: The Live Blog

3.5.2018 by Alice Cullen

Welcome to GDPR Unlocked! Throughout the morning, industry experts will guide you through the steps to GDPR compliance, offering one-to-one advice on the challenges faced by organisations in the lead up to the 25th May deadline. Cybersecurity experts will demonstrate…

The UKFast Sleigh is Full for our 12 Days of Christmas!

4.12.2017 by Alice Cullen

We'll all be visited by Father Christmas this year, but only a few of us will be lucky enough to get a Faster Christmas too. To countdown to Christmas, we've got stockings bursting at the seams with gifts and gadgets…

The Cisco Networking Academy and UKFast

16.5.2017 by Alice Cullen

The digital world provides endless opportunities. From collaboration and communication, to knowledge and new skills – technology really is everywhere. In recent years it has filtered through every industry, which is why it’s incredibly important for children to come out…

Take 5, take a breath and think about your mental health

10.5.2017 by Alice Cullen

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week. For seven days, from 8th to 14th May 2017, organisations and individuals are shining a light on the subject that for many is still surrounded by stigma. This week is all about reducing the stigma,…

Unlocked London

9.5.2017 by Alice Cullen

According to the government, 65% of large businesses reported a cyber-attack in the past year. Around 50% of all cyber-attacks are targeted towards small businesses, and recent research revealed that a typical FTSE 100 firm is worse off by an average of…

Phishing Attacks are Getting Less Fishy

8.5.2017 by Alice Cullen

Cybercriminals are making it harder to spot something fishy going on with their phishing, even Google isn’t completely safe in the battle to defend its customers from dastardly email attacks. The latest attack took the form of an email, designed…