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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Increased cyber threats put backup under the spotlight 

1 April 2022 by Sheetal Targe

Cyberattacks and vulnerability exploits on UK businesses are increasing dramatically and are predicted to rise further in Q2.  

While businesses are pretty good at updating firewalls and security software, backup solutions are often not given the attention it deserves. Having inadequate back up means that should the worst happen, you could be offline for any number of days.  

Even when you get back online, you could be using data that is 1-2 weeks old. This could have a damaging impact on operations but losing customer data in particular can lead to a loss of trust. What would your business look like after this?  

It’s not uncommon to find customer data backed up on a spreadsheet, on an old desktop, to a portable flash drive etc. How quickly could you get back up and running with old data, on disparate systems? For example, if you have basic data backup rather than app-centric data backup, you’ll have to reorganise all your data to suit the app because recovery unstructured data needs to be organised back into your CRM system or database. Nobody wants that. 

To add to that, if you’re hit out of hours, you need someone you know you can call to help avoid a data loss disaster. Here’s why you should always have a decent Backup solution in place. Or better yet, have an MSP do it for you. 

An MSP will protect your data to satisfy the data governance, compliance and audit requirements of your business, including making sure your data is recoverable and the integrity is verified. 

Unfortunately, we’ve heard many horror stories of businesses taking several days to get up and running following a data loss incident. Most lost £’000s in revenue, saw swathes of customers leaving for competitors and received a damaging blow to brand reputation. 

Backup is a task that often gets overlooked, so by having a service that guarantees data protection, that is underpinned by SLA’s, ensures that this critical component of infrastructure management doesn’t get forgotten and you can keep doing what you do best. 

Why choose Managed Backup Services? 

All of this means you can sleep at night, should the worst happen to your business. Our MSP partnership with Commvault means we can offer our customers the market’s best backup that ensures: 

  • The shortest Return To Operation (RTO) possible 
  • Your data backed up as frequently as every 15 mins (not once a day like many solutions) 
  • Your data retained for 28 days, not the standard 7 days 
  • 24/7/265 support service 

 Find out more about our Managed Backup Services and our partnership with Commvault.