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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Supply chain cyber attacks: What you need to know to stay protected

21.3.2022 by Sheetal Targe

UKFast’s Security & Compliance Director, Stephen Crow warns supply chain cyber security is the key battleground for hackers and attacks are just going to get worse. Such attacks are behind several high-profile attacks in recent years, and are only set to increase in number over the coming months and years. In fact, If you’re concerned about the impact on your business here’s a quick overview of what you need to know. What is a supply chain attack? A supply chain attack is designed to damage one or multiple organisations by infiltrating a less secure link in the supply chain. Common…

Risk to UK organisations’ cyber security at all-time high

1.3.2022 by Sheetal Targe

The UK is set to experience an unprecedented level of cyber attacks in 2022, warn UKFast SOC Analysts. The team of security experts have identified an alarming rise in threat level and outright attacks, including a 17% spike in suspicious…