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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Resilience Direct 

16 December 2021 by Katie Lander

Find out how UKFast helps emergency teams respond faster and smarter through the secure collaboration platform, Resilience Direct. 

When disaster strikes, a fast response is vital. Information can mean the difference between saving a life and losing one, so providing real-time access to first-responders during an emergency comes with an unparalleled level of responsibility.  

But the challenge is that emergency services providers often work from different systems and regions, which makes sharing information and coordinating a response a real challenge. That’s why the Cabinet Office funded Resilience Direct. 

Resilience Direct gives emergency service teams the tools they need to act fast. It allows organisations like the Police, NHS and Armed Forces to share critical information, documents and resources – to help better coordinate emergency responses.  

For over 7 years, UKFast has been the backbone of the Resilience Direct platform. 

In times of crisis, downtime and delays can be devastating. That’s why UKFast continually supports first-responders, with secure services and 24/7 access whenever they need it. The nature of the RD platform means that there are a few essential requirements that UKFast needs to deliver:

  • Uptime and availability all the time.
  • Elastic scalability requirements to cope with high demand during a crisis. 
  • The highest level of security available.

In an emergency, lives depend on first-responders having instant access to the Resilience Direct platform. Watch our video to discover how UKFast enables just that.