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What you should look for in cloud customer support | UKFast

25 November 2021 by Katie Lander

Why customer service is important

When it comes to your organisations’ IT, excellent customer support is indispensable. Whether you’re running a customer app, data platform or eCommerce website, downtime or security breaches can seriously damage the reputation of your brand and bottom line, especially in the post-pandemic world. More than ever, employees and customers are increasingly reliant on technology to enable a digital workplace for remote work and digital interactions. 

Which means that to keep your organisation functioning, continued uptime is business critical – and that’s where exceptional customer support comes in. 

So what should you look out for when choosing your cloud hosting partner? Here we outline what makes a good customer service and the five key must-haves every organisation should expect to see in their customer support:

24/7 support when you need it

When it comes to cloud and hosting, you need to know that even if something goes wrong at 3am, on Christmas Eve there’ll be somebody on the end of the phone to help resolve your query. Make sure your chosen cloud solution provider is available 24/7/365 to provide advice and technical support – so you’re covered when you need it most. 

Local UK support

Not all customer support is built the same. If your tech provider chooses to outsource their support abroad or uses an automated system, it’s going to take much longer to speak to a real person who knows the solution to your problem. Tired of trawling through automated phone systems till you throw the phone at the wall in frustration? Make sure your tech provider has a friendly, UK-based support team on hand who knows the solution to your challenge. 

Fast response time

It’s also important to know that issues and emergencies will be responded to quickly. Organisations can’t afford their employees to be offline for hours or their sites to be down for minutes. Make sure to ask your potential partner what their average response time is for support tickets. If the partner doesn’t know their average, proceed with care.

Good account manager to client ratio

If your account manager (AM) is inundated with too many clients – they won’t be able to give you the support you need. Check the average AM to client ratio when talking to a potential partner. Anything over about 20-30 clients per account manager is likely to reduce the quality of service you get.

Positive reviews and NPS scores

When scouting out a cloud or hosting provider, it’s always best to independently check what other clients have to say about their customer service. A good way to do that is to see what their net promoter score (NPS) is, or check reviews on websites like Trustpilot. If customers have gone out of their way to advocate the service, there’s a good chance you can rely on it.

If your chosen customer support partner can comfortably tick all of these boxes, you can be pretty confident they’ll have the level of support you need.

Service that doesn’t come off the rack

In the cloud computing and managed IT service industry, not every provider delivers the highest standard of customer service. While some providers put a lot of work into their customer service and culture – that’s not the same for everybody. But at UKFast, we have some of the highest rated customer service anywhere in the industry. Here’s why:

  • Our support team are qualified technical engineers who are available 24/7/365 to provide advice, technical support and a familiar face
  • All calls are answered in an average of 15 seconds, or approximately 6 rings
  • UK-based support, not outsourced
  • Our POD system ensures each customer has a dedicated account manager, engineer and sales person, so you’re always speaking to people who understand your business. 
  • On average, support tickets raised via MyUKFast are responded to within 24 minutes
  • Our account manager to client ratio is never more than 1:20
  • We have an NPS score of 83, about 10 times the industry average
  • 85% of respondents have rated UKFast excellent on TrustPilot

While we don’t like to blow our own trumpet, it is nice for our support engineers to receive comments like this one:

“When I called the support team at 3am saying there was a problem – an expert was on the other end of the phone who knew exactly what to do. UKFast helped me go to sleep, knowing the platform will continue to run no matter what happens.”

Moony Victoire-Nijjar, CEO, My SOS Family