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Get eCloud VPC. Save money. Relax.

6 September 2021 by Katie Lander

Done right, the cloud can save you money and enable better technology. But not all cloud platforms are built the same – and it’s important to choose the right cloud service for your business, to avoid hidden or surprise costs. That’s where eCloud VPC comes in. Built on the latest VMware technology, it can offer lower and more predictable costs at every stage of your cloud journey. Here’s how it does that. 

Predictable costs

In many cloud platforms, costs can be unpredictable and erratic, shooting up suddenly from one month to the next depending on usage. That’s because customers are charged on a pay-as-you go-basis, rather than having fixed costs each month. This model can work well when managed correctly – but it’s not for everybody. One particular challenge with these platforms is that there are hundreds of potential services and resources, each charged by a different metric – so predicting and managing your costs can be a real challenge.

eCloud VPC lets you avoid any potential bill shock by building out a repeatable and predictable cost model, based on just 13 metrics. That means even non-technical teams can easily manage their cloud environment and have the peace of mind of knowing what their costs will be each month.

No bundles

In many cloud environments, customers are restricted to only purchasing resources through pre-prepared bundles. That effectively forces most customers to over purchase more resources than they require, just because it’s bundled together with another that you need. If, for instance, you need 30GB of RAM and 60GB of CPU, you could end up having to pay for 60GB of both because that’s the bundle that best matches your needs.

eCloud VPC offers an entirely bespoke cost model, based on just 13 metrics. That means you can build your own costs and save money, by only paying for the resources you need.

Flexible resources

eCloud VPC is unique among cloud providers in allowing you to re-assign your spend to different resources each month. If, for instance, you’ve purchased £50 of CPU and realise that one month you have more need for RAM, you can simply re-allocate spend to another resource.

This gives customers the security of having predictable and repeatable costs, without sacrificing the flexibility to optimise how that spend is allocated each month. In other cloud platforms, this isn’t the case because customers are locked in to the resources they’ve purchased – even if you don’t need them.

Support that doesn’t cost the earth

The complexity of most cloud platforms means that customers generally require support from a managed service partner for their technology to be effective. Depending on the cloud platform you’re using, this can be particularly expensive, with some providers charging as much as £10,000 a month.

With eCloud VPC, it’s easy for non-technical teams to manage their platform through MyUKFast, meaning there’s no need for expensive managed support. And if you need help from our support department, you can add managed support on to your subscription for a minimum £50 and a maximum of 20% the cost of your overall subscriptions – a much more cost effective option. 

Your path to the cloud starts here

Whether you’re spinning up virtual machines or building a customer app, the cloud lets you transform your business and revolutionise your customer experience. But to get the best for your investment, it’s important to choose the right cloud platform for you. 

eCloud VPC gives you digital transformation without the cost or complexity. That means you can get to the cloud, transform your business and upgrade the customer experience in a way that’s cost-efficient, scalable and easy for anybody to manage. Are you ready to get started?

Contact our team to discuss what eCloud VPC can do for you today.