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Get eCloud VPC. Save money. Relax.

6.9.2021 by katie.lander

Done right, the cloud can save you money and enable better technology. But not all cloud platforms are built the same - and it’s important to choose the right cloud service for your business, to avoid hidden or surprise costs. That’s where eCloud VPC comes in. Built on the latest VMware technology, it can offer lower and more predictable costs at every stage of your cloud journey. Here’s how it does that.  Predictable costs In many cloud platforms, costs can be unpredictable and erratic, shooting up suddenly from one month to the next depending on usage. That’s because customers are…

AWS/Azure or eCloud VPC? How to get it right first time

6.9.2021 by katie.lander

When most people think of the cloud, they generally think of two providers: Amazon Web Service (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. There’s plenty of good reasons for this; the cloud technology these two offer has enabled countless businesses to transform the…

Digital transformation in action: What does it mean for business owners?

6.9.2021 by katie.lander

For most business leaders, digital transformation was the watchword of 2020. Whether it’s Microsoft Teams or virtual machines, companies everywhere looked to technology to stay in business through the disruption. In fact, 97% of businesses say the pandemic greatly or…