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eCloud VPC: A new type of cloud service

19 July 2021 by Katie Lander

 Today, UKFast announces its next generation of cloud computing service: eCloud Virtual Private Cloud, which promises to reshape how businesses see cloud computing.

Built on the latest enterprise grade technology, including VMware, Cisco & HPE, this re-imagining of the cloud gives you access to the highest standards of performance, automation and networking. 

But it’s not just about technology. eCloud VPC features a pioneering approach to cloud technology that puts you in charge and helps you accelerate your business transformation. 


A cloud solution that puts you in charge

 While mainstream public cloud solutions from AWS, Amazon and G-Cloud have the potential to modernise your business processes, they can be challenging to manage without in-house technical teams.

 These platforms have hundreds of unique services, all of which are priced using different metrics. And with many being priced on a ‘pay as you go’ basis, all it takes is a sudden surge in website traffic for your bill to shoot up at the end of the month.

Our goal for eCloud VPC is simple: to re-think the best way for organisations to easily and quickly access cloud services. To do this, we started by making world-class cloud technology available to everyone through a simple to use dashboard that combines intuitive cloud management with transparent, predictable costs. Here’s how it works.


1. Cloud costs based on 13 simple metrics

eCloud VPC enables a simple, transparent and repeatable billing model. When setting up your instances, you can choose the resources you need, based on just 13 simple metrics. From there, you’ll get a clear picture of what your costs will be each month.

Each of the metrics is priced independently rather than being bundled together. That means you can choose the exact amount of RAM, storage or other metrics you need – rather than paying for resources you don’t need just because they’re bundled together with those that you do.


2. 100%  self-serve model through MyUKFast portal

 Whether it’s managing costs, automating servers or spinning up new instances, you can manage everything through the intuitive MyUKFast portal. This is perfect for those without technical expertise – but doesn’t sacrifice the automation and scripting functionality for more tech savvy experts. The MyUKFast portal has all the world-class potential of large public cloud platforms, but without the complexity and confusion.  


3. A flexible contract that you control

eCloud VPC strikes the right balance between predictable and flexible. Once you’ve purchased a certain amount of cloud resources, you can repeat billing based on that commitment and have the flexibility to manage and allocate resources however you want each month. 

This means you have the flexibility to scale up your usage of RAM or CPU or automate how resources are allocated through the MyUKFast portal – without it affecting your costs. This gives you complete control without the need to constantly check, update and optimise usage.  


4. No need to re-architect

eCloud VPC is built on the same VMware technology that powers most on-premises technology, which makes it ideal for companies looking to take their first steps into the cloud. 

Workflows, apps and databases can be easily migrated into our cloud without significant re-architecting – which isn’t the case with many cloud services. As well as this, we also offer extensive API and CLI capabilities, so you can easily connect your cloud environment with other systems. 


Are you ready for eCloud VPC?

 With eCloud VPC, you can take the complexity out of the cloud and access a simple and intuitive yet powerful cloud platform that puts you in full control. 

Whether you’re adopting dedicated servers, public cloud from AWS and Amazon, or eCloud, we can help connect every part of your IT environment into one integrated solution.


To find out more about eCloud, check out our product brochure, or contact our sales team to get started.