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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

2021: The year of healthcare transformation

28.7.2021 by Katie Lander

By Stephen Jewell, Director of Public Sector at UKFast Historically, the healthcare industry in the UK hasn’t been known for being a fast-moving, innovative adopter of new technology. It’s a perception that all public sector organisations contend with to an extent - and it’s one that I’ve always considered unfair. Even if it was true once, it’s not the case today. In fact, we’re now seeing some incredible innovation and development of cloud services in these highly regulated sectors.  As the world’s 5th largest employer, the NHS faces an entirely unique set of challenges when it comes to innovation.  But…

eCloud VPC: A new type of cloud service

19.7.2021 by Katie Lander

 Today, UKFast announces its next generation of cloud computing service: eCloud Virtual Private Cloud, which promises to reshape how businesses see cloud computing. Built on the latest enterprise grade technology, including VMware, Cisco & HPE, this re-imagining of the cloud…

What is the Windows ‘PrintNightmare’ bug – and are you at risk?

5.7.2021 by Katie Lander

News has recently broken of a new vulnerability, dubbed ‘PrintNightmare’, that affects any Active Directory-based Windows operating system. This means most Windows-based businesses are now at risk from attack, since the Print Spooler service it affects is turned on by…