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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

UKFast announced as exclusive UK government hyperscale computing partner

20 May 2021 by Guest

This blog is authored by Stephen Jewell, Director of Public Sector at UKFast.

UKFast has been announced as one of the UK’s nine exclusive hyperscale computing partners, as part of a new agreement with the Crown Commercial Service (CCS). This sets us alongside global tech giants like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Google as trusted providers at the heart of technological innovation in the UK public sector.

This unprecedented drive aims to open public and third sector businesses to hyperscale computing technology and involves the UK government partnering with nine public cloud and data centre providers to help provide these services.

Here’s how it works and how you can benefit.

What is hyperscale computing?

Hyperscale computing enables businesses to rapidly scale their cloud computing usage up and down as required. The technology allows data centre and public cloud providers to be much more efficient in how they use their computing resources and allows public and third sector organisations to access much more advanced technology. 

Through services like big data, platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS), it becomes cheaper and more efficient than ever for companies to build custom apps and data platforms. It also means large companies can migrate servers and other hardware into the cloud without prohibitive costs or usage restrictions. 

Though technology like PaaS, IaaS and big data have existed for some years, hyperscale now makes it easier than ever for everyday organisations to unlock their benefits. In short, it makes the barrier to entry much lower, and allows much faster scaling of computing resources. This means organisations can get started with these technologies and rapidly innovate in a way that wasn’t possible just a few years ago. Until recently, this potential was the preserve of just a few large tech giants. Now, the situation is becoming much more democratised.

The new CSS agreement comes as part of this drive and is designed to allow public and third sector organisations to access better and more innovative cloud computing technology.          

How can public sector organisations benefit from the CCS Framework?

Hyperscale computing has the potential to make it cheaper and easier for organisations to unlock the benefits of high performance cloud computing. And, through technology like big data, IaaS and PaaS, this has several potential benefits:

  • In education, it opens up the possibility to build extremely personalised and adaptive learning platforms.
  • In healthcare, organisations will have the ability to assemble and analyse large datasets on infections and diseases, to map trends and fight them more effectively. 
  • For police services, the extra storage and hosting capacity makes it cheaper and easier to store large files and datasets, such as bodycam and CCTV footage. 
  • For large central and local government organisations, it opens up the possibility of retiring costly and inefficient legacy data centres by migrating entire IT environments to the cloud. 
  • In defence, users will have the ability to access training material from any device and location, as large online learning platforms can be hosted in the cloud.

Whatever your needs and application, hyperscale technology allows you to do more with less – and it’s now easier than ever to get started. 

Why choose UKFast for your hyperscale computing?

If you’re looking to explore the vast potential hyperscale computing can offer, there are several options you can explore.

But unlike some of the other approved cloud vendors, at UKFast we can offer you a genuinely vendor-neutral approach. We work with leading cloud computing partners, including Microsoft, Google and Amazon Web Services, to match the right cloud provider with your unique needs. As well as this, we also provide multi-cloud options that can combine the benefits and technology of multiple cloud providers into one seamless solution. 

And, with over 25 years experience, an intimate knowledge of UK compliance regulations and a long history working with public sector partners, we can help advise, build and optimise the right hyperscale solution for your company – whatever your needs.

To get started, contact us on 0800 093 3923.