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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

WFH tips from UKFast’s Head of HR

2 November 2020 by Guest

Fastdesk BlogimageThis guest blog is authored by UKFast Head of HR, Rebecca Crawford.

We’ve all been working from home longer than expected now. For many, the novelty has long worn off and living through a pandemic is putting individuals under extra stress in both personal and professional settings. With the reality of remote working stretching further than we could have imagined, how can businesses make sure their teams are working effectively, care for colleagues on a personal level and preserve company culture throughout these difficult times.  

From an HR perspective, there are four key areas on which to focus to keep morale high at home and support your colleagues in the most effective way. 

Communication is still key 

Yes, from team leaders, but also among teams. Even seven months down the line, it’s easy for staff to feel isolated and out of the loop, so communication has never been more important. Ensurregular updates from senior leadership teams and make time for personal check-ins, one-to-ones and informal catchups.  

What works for one team member might not for another, so giving the option for varied communication methods is key to keeping the conversation flowing. Try weekly emails from the top, followed by feedback from team leaders, and the opportunity to voice individual queries, concerns or challenges. Check out our previous tips for managing a remote team 

Improved morale = greater motivation 

Remote Team

The UKFast team enjoying remote Halloween celebrations!

Everyone might be over zoom quizzes, but company culture is a big part of keeping teams motivated. Boost morale and keep team spirit soaring by seeking creative ways for teams to take part in group activities from the safety of their own homes.  

Keep an engagement calendar in place and get creative. In the run up to Christmas, it’s worth putting some budget behind virtual events. With rules and regulations changing quickly, and social events cancelled and reorganised daily, having something lighthearted to look forward to in the diary could be just what your team needs to stay positive.  

Check in on mental health 

It’s been a difficult few months for us all. Mental health statistics are at worrying levels – more than eight in ten (82 per cent) UK adults have experienced stress because of the pandemic. So, it’s important to make sure you offer teams the qualified support they need to feel well enough to (virtually) show up to work feeling their best. At UKFast we have a team of mental health first aiders so that all our colleagues know who to talk to, confidentially, whenever they need to. Find out more on this in an upcoming blog.  

If your business doesn’t have the capacity to train colleagues internally, ensure that staff have access to local mental health resources, whether that be NHS services, charities or understanding the procedures to follow at work if they’re struggling to cope. A friendly face goes a long way. 

Invest in collaboration  

Is it time to invest in a permanent remote working solution? It’s vital to make sure your employees have the tools they need to do their job effectively, both for the sake of business operations and colleague welfare. The right software makes collaboration easier, relieving frustrations and encouraging teamworkFor many businesses, it’s time to take the plunge into a permanent WFH strategy, seeking a solution which allows for seamless communication and collaboration without compromising on budget or IT resource.  

Remote working solutions from UKFast prioritise continuous collaboration, alleviate pressure on your tech team and maximise your IT budget. Keep staff productivity high by investing in software that brings the best out of every team.  

Time to invest in a permanent remote working solution?