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UKFast Open Source Hackathon 2020

30 October 2020 by Laura Valentine

Hackthon Blog Last week we marked Hacktoberfest in style, hosting our very own Hackathon, sponsored by Intel. A celebration of open source, the UKFast hackathon was open to the whole business, encouraging participants to get involved and show off their skills by creating an open source project of their choice.   

The event kicked off on Saturday 24th October and everyone had until 5pm the following day to submit their creations. Let’s recap how it went, and the fantastic projects our team worked on.  

Why host the Hackathon? 

If you read our previous blog, you’ll know there are lots of compelling reasons to get involved with open source developmentAt UKFast we’re passionate about encouraging open source contribution, empowering our clients and providing exciting opportunities for our devs. You can find out more about our commitment to open source projects here 

Hosting the Hackathon opened up the chance to get involved with open source software to the whole of UKFast – and lots of beginners jumped at the chance to participate. Given the current restrictions of the pandemic, this virtual challenge was a great way for our teams to interact, boosting morale and encouraging communication and collaboration.  

Participants were given free reign over what they could create and submit. This meant it wasn’t only the newbies who learned some new skills over the course of the weekend – even our most experienced devs got to work with languages they don’t use as part of their day job.  

What was created? 

UKFasters never shy away from a challenge and we saw some brilliant innovation as a result of the Hackathon!  

With prizes up for grabs from our sponsors, we split the judging into three categories – judges choice, most creative and best newcomer. Our winners and their projects were as follows: 

Congrats to our winners 

Judges’ Choice 

  • First Prize: 

Ryan Bibby with Journey Splitter  


Ever needed to break up a long drive? It’s recommended that you stop to rest every two hours when driving long distances, but it’s not easy to know the best point along your route to stop off. Ryan’s Journey Splitter suggests interesting places to stop along the way to your desired destination.  

The judges’ honourable mention went to Richard Styles with EloquentEncryption, which allows Eloquent attributes to be encrypted and decrypted using RSA 4096-bit private keys. 

Most Creative  

  • First Prize: 

George Kelly with benkyou 

Benkyou means ‘study’ in Japanese. George’s package breaks down Japanese phrasesanalysing each part of the phrase to help those getting to grips with the language.  

The judges’ honourable mention went to Dane Elwell with WhatBin, which attempts to solve the age-old problem of knowing which bin collection is due. Pulling the information from your local council website, WhatBin will even send a notification to remind you which bin to put out the night before.  

Best Newcomer 

  • First Prize: 

Phil Young with Streamer 

The shift to online learning inspired Phil to investigate a cost-effective resolution to broadcasting and streaming video. Streamer is a docker image which provides live video stream receiving and broadcasting with an optional, fully customisable authentication plugin system via RTMP and HLS.  

The judges’ honourable mention went to Chris Seaton with Sanitas, an app designed to help users identify stages of hypertension based on the results of a blood pressure machine.  

A big congratulations to all our winners and everyone that took part in the UKFast Hackathon 2020!  

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