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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

MyUKFast Updates: September 

8 September 2020 by Laura Valentine

In an ongoing effort to streamline processes and enhance functionality for our customers, we’re continually updating and improving MyUKFast. In this month’s update we have lots of exciting launches and new features to share with you from across the platform. 

Remote access VPN support 

We’re pleased to announce remote-access VPNs are now live, replacing a process previously done via support tickets and allowing our customers greater control over their solutions. This new feature is accessible from the dedicated firewall page. 

Domain name registrant report   

We understand that keeping your domain registrant details up to date can be tedious, especially if you have a significant number of domains to manage in MyUKFast.  

Customers can now request a report of all their domains including registrant information, directly from the domains page. This will produce a comprehensive report which will be emailed to you once complete.  

Billing API launch  

Our new billing API has recently been released to customers. This tool surfaces a range of comprehensive endpoints, providing customers with deep access to their data. Everything from invoices and invoice queries, to recurring costs, payment cards and direct debits are all fully accessible from the API. Helpful documentation to assist you with use of this API can be found here.  

eCloud® Flex & Shared Exchange APIs launched  

Our eCloud® Flex and Shared Exchange APIs are now available to customersYou can find helpful documentation to support onboarding and day-to-day use of these APIs on the UKFast Developer’s website:  view the eCloud® Flex  and Shared Exchange documents 

We provide a selection of libraries to ease the process of using our APIs which currently support PHP, Go, and dotNETCustomers can grant permission to access these new APIs for their API keys in MyUKFast. 

If you have any questions about the above, please get in touch with the team or your account manager.