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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Guest Blog: Why your business needs an ERP system

4 September 2020 by Guest

This guest post was authored by Megan Gee, Marketing Executive at Khaos Control.

ERP systemFor many small and medium businesses, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking busy spells are only temporary.  You become a reactive business, responding to peaks as they happen and returning to ‘business as usual once the rush has died down. The trouble with this approach is that it becomes too easy to only worry about getting operations in-line as peak season approaches. Whether this might be down to a lack of planning, a lack of manpower, or a lack of foresight, an ERP system is probably the solution your business needs 

For those with an effective strategy behind them, peak periods can be handled with the same effort as quieter months. When business owners take a proactive approach to their strategy, they’re not only able to tackle busy spells, but also to keep momentum going all year round.

Building momentum with ERP Software 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software allows businesses of any size to streamline multiple operational processes, accommodating and encouraging future growth. A system such as Khaos Control Cloud provides the ability to remotely manage an entire business from a single piece of software – including accounts processes, sales, promotions, data reporting and supply chain management, with stock control at its core.

Rather than relying on multiple databases and various software, an ERP system amalgamates data from across your business into one central dashboard, with proven results. According to a 2019 reportcorrect use of an ERP system increases employee productivity. For most businesses, this means an improved production line, as well as a reduction in human error by poorly equipped employees or inefficiencies from outdated legacy systems. 

For an operation running across multiple sites, not having a modern ERP system in place can mean a mixture of quality standards, as well as different methods used across locations. Whilst implementing an ERP system can often be pushed down the list of priorities, the reality is that early adoption of the software can be priceless – oversights and errors in legacy systems only amplify over time. Implementing an ERP system at the earliest possible stage will streamline  business operations and ensure standardised systems across all facilities.   

Increase profits all year round 

A well implemented ERP system typically provides an increase in working capital within the first year. This is achieved by providing the ability to report and analyse finances, increasing transparency with clients and allowing for better insight into company cashflow. Efficiencies are improved, errors and waste minimised and financial foresight boosted.  

For small to medium sized businesses, it’s worth remembering that implementing a cloud-based ERP system like Khaos Control Cloud can be done in very little time. Within six weeks, businesses can have their entire operation running better than ever before and be best prepared for whatever’s around the corner. 

Keep your customers happy 

Better equipped staff, increased productivity, and comprehensive reports provided by an ERP System means having the time, and the tools, to provide the best customer experience possible. Employees using modern systems are better prepared to meet customer expectations, even when sales increase during busy peak periods.  

By removing unnecessary expense and laborious tasks, businesses can use ERP reporting tools to identify cost-effective services and where reinvestment from savings should be made. While this can mean improved profits, it just as easily can be used to lower costs, maximise quality, and in general guarantee products and services are highly competitive. Not only does this mean happier customers, it means customers that are likely to keep coming back time and time again. 

Make the switch for peak season 2020 

Organisations of all sizes can benefit from an immediate upgrade from their outdated systems. With peak season 2020 already on the horizon it’s crucial that companies considering ERP services act as soon as possible if they want to ensure they are set to succeed this year.  

If you’d like to know more about how an ERP system can make your business smarter, book a free demo of Khaos Control here. 

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