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UKFast Update: DDoSx®, SSL vault, WAF logs and more

28 August 2020 by Laura Valentine

As always, it’s been a busy month here at UKFast, with our teams hard at work on lots of new developments to improve functionality, usability and security for our customers 

Today’s update includes a one-stop shop for managing your SSLs in DDoSx® , improvements to platform integrity and visibility, and the launch of an exciting project to improve and enhance our DDoSx®  platform to make it better, stronger and faster!  

Here’s what’s been happening in August: 

Your new SSL vault 

Amongst the updates we’ve been making to MyUKFast is the creation of a new SSL vault, providing a central location to manage DDoSx®  SSL certificates across your entire account.  

This can be checked out via the “DDoSx®  Protection > SSL Vault” link in the navigation bar.   

Weve also made further updates to provide a simple method of validating SSL certificate chains in an OS agnostic manner and to allow customers to find recommendations on SSL/TLS protection.  

Network upgrades to PoPs 

Over the last few weeks weve made several improvements to our PoPs. Amongst these upgrades are improved network capacity and the start of a global update which will future-proof the platform 

New WAF log tools  

Following customer feedback, we’re pleased to announce that the API endpoints for retrieving DDoSx WAF logs programmatically have been released, and are ready to be used.   

Alongside this, support has been added to the PHP and GoLang SDKs and the CLI tool, which allows customers to pull this information directly into their applications to make retrieving logs much simpler.  

Accessing this new functionality is as easy as one command.

DDoSx WAF log

Updates to the DDoSx®  platform  

In the ongoing effort to ensure DDoSx® is as efficient and up to date as possible, we’re pleased to announce were working on project to enhance load speed as well as add new features including enhanced Layer 7 protection and enhanced metric collection. Keep an eye out for further updates on the project progress over the coming weeks.  

If you would like to try some of our API tools out for yourself, head over to our API documentationdeveloper integration or tooling documentation. 

If you have any questions about the above, please get in touch with the team or your account manager.