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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

cPanel Exim RCE Vulnerability: How to Protect Yourself

20.5.2020 by UKFast

On Monday 18th May 2020, cPanel’s security team released a patch to mitigate against a number of different vulnerabilities, assigned security levels (CVSSv3 scores) ranging from 3.0 (low severity) to 9.9 (critical). Further information was released on 19th May detailing a concerning Exim RCE (remote code execution) vulnerability. cPanel are referring to the Exim RCE vulnerability, assigned a CVSSv3 of 9.9,  as SEC-485. It is caused by the default cPanel/WHM Exim configuration. cPanel has said that it does “not adequately protect against path traversal attacks”. RCE allows remote attackers to execute code on the server of other accounts. Let’s break…

Expert Take: 6 Tips for Secure Remote Working

14.5.2020 by Guest

The transition to mass home working over the past month or so has offered little time for companies to formulate secure remote-working policies. As a result, threat actors have taken much delight in exploiting common flaws in remote working, and…

Business Continuity, Remote Working and the Future

5.5.2020 by Guest

COVID-19 has no doubt tested even the most well-thought-out business continuity plans, and as UKFast’s CTO Neil Lathwood said in his recent blog post: “maintaining communication across your business is key”. I can’t echo those words loudly enough. Remote working…