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Strengthen Your Cloud Security in 5 Steps

27.2.2020 by Charlotte Greene

Migrating your workloads to the cloud is a process filled with opportunity for business growth. However, whether your business flourishes in the cloud is not just down to what platform you choose or how much you spend, but how much attention you pay to your security. With 90% of companies now reportedly ‘in the cloud’, threat actors have an unprecedented number of endpoints to sink their cyber-teeth into. Studies show that nearly two thirds of organisations view security as their biggest cloud challenge. Bitglass’ 2019 Cloud Security Report states that ‘93 percent of respondents are at least moderately concerned about…

#BacktoBasics: Dedicated Servers and Cloud Hosting

24.2.2020 by Charlotte Greene

If you’re stuck on deciding whether a cloud hosting solution or dedicated server is right for you, why not give our committed team of highly qualified experts a call now on 0800 458 4545? We’re positive we can find the…

CentOS 6 End of Life: What You Need to Know

13.2.2020 by Charlotte Greene

After November 2020, the CentOS 6 operating system (OS) will officially reach end of life status, meaning that packages will not receive further security or feature updates. How UKFast is supporting CentOS 6 To ensure that we can continue to…

What is GPU Cloud and How Can You Use It?

11.2.2020 by Charlotte Greene

If you’re looking for a way to achieve high-performance, reliable and fast compute, the answer you’re looking for is GPU cloud. In which case, you’re definitely in the right place. GPU cloud is fast becoming a necessity for modern-day organisations.…

4 Lessons from the Travelex Ransomware Attack

5.2.2020 by Charlotte Greene

Foreign currency and travel money service Travelex was attacked with ransomware on 31st December 2019. The attack rendered the Travelex website unavailable for the entirety of January 2020 and had a significant impact on the company’s wider operations – with…