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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Help! I Still Don’t Understand Cloud Hosting

15 July 2019 by UKFast

Five Reasons To Embrace Cloud Blog Graphics 04Cloud hosting has become a very common phrase used across the globe by public and private sectors alike. But when asked ‘What is cloud hosting?’ many of us still struggle to provide a sufficient explanation.

So, if you have no idea what cloud is, or need a good place to start when trying to explain why your business migrated to the cloud, we’re here to shed some light.

What is cloud hosting?

If your organisation employs a cloud hosting service, it means that your computing services – including servers, storage, databases, networking, software and applications – are owned and managed by your cloud provider and accessed by you over the internet a.k.a. ‘the cloud’.

And that’s it. Plain and simple, right?

Of course, this would be a pretty short blog if we stopped there. So, why are people choosing to host their business operations in the cloud?

Cost savings

Cloud hosting eliminates the need for hefty upfront investment in hardware and software. Not to mention the setting up and running of your own on-site data centre, with racks of servers, power, cooling systems and the expertise needed to manage it. The money you save by paying a fixed monthly bill for only the services you need is huge.

Cloud also makes financial planning a lot easier. You can guarantee monthly outgoings rather than trying to predict when you’re going to need extra cash for repairs or replacement of various components.

Super speed

Most cloud services are controlled by the user. So, vast amounts of computing resources can be provisioned in minutes, often at the touch of a button. This makes for quick deployment of resources, meaning you waste less time on setting up new applications and can spend more time on developing your enterprise.

In addition, if you choose a hosting provider like UKFast, our network ensures your solution operates at lightning speed. Taking advantage of our incredible multi-100GB hosting network, you’re guaranteed super speedy connectivity and 100% network uptime.


Cloud computing lets you have an elastic business model, delivering the right amount of IT resources for each stage of your business’ growth. This is great for any business with big plans for the future, as you won’t be limited by your own in-house server capacity or network.

It’s also great for online businesses who experience peak periods for website traffic. There are certain clouds, like eCloud® Burst, which are specially designed to automatically scale up or down so your site can handle large fluctuations of traffic, keeping you online even on days like Cyber Monday.


Cloud networks like UKFast’s run on a network of secure data centres. These data centres are continuously upgraded to provide the very best performance possible.

At UKFast, our highly trained, in-house solutions experts also design and build all our clients’ solutions from scratch. This means UKFast cloud environments are always bespoke and built upon cutting-edge, enterprise-grade technology to guarantee outstanding performance.

Increased security

Cloud hosting providers often offer advice and services to bolster the security of your solution. Some providers, like UKFast, even have in-house security experts to provide valuable guidance and advanced security solutions like ethical hacking, red teaming and DDoS protection. And if you’ve got a managed hosting solution, your service provider may offer patching and updates as part of your solution (but always check this with your provider).


As many businesses are finding out, cloud is providing a way to work more productively than ever before. Instead of worrying about how to manage your infrastructure, you can leave that to the professionals and focus on what really matters – growing your business!


Data backups, disaster recovery and business continuity are much easier to achieve, and less expensive, with cloud than with an on-premise solution. Through techniques such as load balancing, your data can be mirrored across more than one data centre, meaning that if the first data centre was offline for any reason, your solution would still be available.

Want to know more about how cloud hosting can work for your business? Check out our eCloud range now or give our cloud hosting experts a call on 0800 231 5917.