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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Five Reasons You Need to Attend Unlocked 2019

10 June 2019 by UKFast

GDPR Unlocked

Unlocked 2018 host Arlene Bulfin is set to return to host Unlocked 2019!

It is only six weeks until Unlocked 2019! Have you booked your free ticket yet?

If you’re still wondering whether or not to reserve your free space at the UK’s biggest cybersecurity conference, here are five reasons why we think you should definitely get involved.

1.       Hear from world-class security specialists   

Join us on 17th July for Unlocked Manchester or 24th July for Unlocked London and dive deep into the world of cybersecurity. With a range of talks and panel discussions on the agenda, as well as a tailored data-breach workshop, Unlocked tackles businesses’ top security fears and how to mitigate them.

Gain crucial insight from industry experts, including:

  • FC, world-renowned ethical hacker and Head of Cyber Research at Raytheon UK
  • John Noble, former Director of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)
  • Holly Grace Williams, Technical Director at cybersecurity consultancy firm Secarma
  • Jonathan Bowers, Managing Director of UKFast Enterprise

2.       Get up to speed on cybersecurity topics

The only way to protect your business is by remaining aware of trending security topics and risks.

Learn how to take control of weak links in your supply chain and protect against the increasing threat landscape of phishing attacks. Discover how Brexit is making it easier for cybercriminals to carry out DDoS attacks, why AI-based attacks are on the rise, and how to protect against malware in the cloud.

Explore all the topics covered at Unlocked >

Take advantage of our data breach workshop, which offers practical, in-depth guidance from our security specialists. Whether you need to brush up on your GDPR compliance and data protection, or need help creating a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, this is the workshop for you. (And the only one of its kind you’re going to get absolutely free!)

3.       One-to-one security advice

Not only does Unlocked 2019 include incredible talks, panel discussions and a data breach workshop, you also get a chance to put your questions directly to the experts!

Our specialists are offering one-to-one advice on the challenges faced by your organisation in the current threat landscape. So what are you waiting for? Reserve your free place now to get bespoke advice and all your burning security questions answered!

4.       Claim your free phishing service campaign

Of all cyber-breaches and attacks faced by businesses in the last 12 months, approximately 80% were identified to be the result of a phishing scam.

Falling victim to a phishing threat is something your business can’t afford to do. Luckily, reserving your Unlocked ticket means you can claim one campaign from UKFast’s Phishing as a Service package completely free.

Your PhaaS campaign allows you to deploy a simulated phishing scam across your organisation and take action based on the results. Experts state that cyber-threat simulation is one of the most effective ways to fight phishing. So this is an incredible opportunity for your business to bolster your phishing protection strategy.

5.       It’s free!

Did we mention this event is totally free? Let’s just have a quick refresh of all that’s included:

  • Expert talks and panel discussions from industry specialists on the most crucial topics in cybersecurity
  • ‘How to deal with a data breach workshop
  • Bespoke, one-to-one advice from real-life security specialists
  • A campaign from UKFast’s Phishing as a Service
  • A delicious lunch, refreshments and the chance to network with other amazing businesses

Unlocked is the UK’s biggest free cybersecurity roadshow – so don’t miss out!

Reserve your place now >

Join us at Unlocked on 17th July and 24th July in Manchester and London!