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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Here’s Where Your Digital Marketing is Going Wrong

6 June 2019 by UKFast

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Is your digital marketing working as well as it should be? Are your consumers engaged with your brand and converting to sales?

Well, if your answer is a ‘maybe’ or just a straight ‘no’, you’re not alone.

Today we’re diving into six common mistakes that businesses make when it comes to digital marketing, and, more importantly, how to avoid them! So, next time your marketing campaigns are starting to take a nosedive, ask yourself these five questions.

1.       Do you know your audience?

The first step of any successful digital marketing plan is to know your audience.

Get to know what content they’re interested in, the type of user journey that works best for them, their most-used social platforms – everything you can to build a clear picture. Once you know these key aspects of your demographic, you’ll start speaking a language that resonates with them.

You also need to drill down on their pain points and their biggest inconveniences when they visit your site. Then provide a solution through a slick user journey and incredible content.

2.       Are you setting clear goals?

How are you going to know you’ve reached your goals if you didn’t set them in the first place?

Especially when working in big teams, a clear set of goals and strategy is crucial. Not only does it mean everyone knows their role, but when you smash a goal you can celebrate and boost momentum to reach the next one!

Whether it’s to increase organic traffic, up your social following or get more leads, setting measurable goals solidifies your purpose and gives you clear direction to build a strategy.

3.       Are you documenting your strategy?

You’ve got your goals, but your strategy outlines how you’re actually going to meet them.

Not documenting your entire marketing strategy is a huge mistake that so many teams make. In fact, only 32% of B2B marketers say they have a documented strategy.

Clearly map out all activities that need to happen and only have two or three strategies running at a time. By focussing on your tactics, you can work out what’s working and what’s not, and change plans accordingly.

4.       Do your social posts have purpose?

It’s great being the company with great GIFs but are your posts actually achieving anything?

Create purposeful content that really engages your audience. Each post should have an end goal and be tailored to your audience on that particular platform. The best performing brands on social media tend to focus on three types of content: educational, entertaining and inspiring posts.

Really crafting your social posts to meet a goal means you’ll get better engagement and your posts will be totally aligned to your brand and marketing goals.

5.       Can you improve your SEO strategy?

Search Engine Optimisation remains a core element of a successful online marketing strategy. There are plenty of blogs to help you improve your SEO, but here are some tips to get you started.

  • Include your primary keyword in the title tag, meta description, URL, and throughout your post.
  • Add visuals and interactive content to improve dwell-time.
  • Include authoritative backlinks.

6.       Are you using your case studies?

Case studies are invaluable tools for improving your reach and are a subtle way to get the message across to the wider world that your brand is awesome.

And stories really do sell. Case studies are proven to boost your organic traffic, improve the website experience and increase leads and conversions! It’s also a great confidence and trust builder as people actually want to see the difference you’ve made to your clients and hear about the kind of service you provide.

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