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Six FREE Resources to Bolster Your Security

28 May 2019 by UKFast

It can be a daunting task to bring your cybersecurity knowledge and measures up to speed. With cybercriminals targeting businesses of all sizes, and from all angles, it’s easy to feel like you’re behind before you’ve even begun.

But fear not! Here are six awesome resources to get you back on the road to being cybersecure.

1.       Everything you need to know about GDPR

Can you believe it’s been a whole year since the GDPR came into force? Well, if you’re looking for GDPR knowledge and top tips, we’ve got you covered!

This toolkit provides a comprehensive GDPR checklist and valuable insight into GDPR-optimised hosting and data privacy and consent. We’re also throwing in our brand new infographic, which details the six key steps your business must take to maintain compliance even amidst Brexit uncertainty.

Get your guide to GDPR >

2.       Don’t get hooked by hackers

Phishing 1

Did you know that 90% of businesses suffer a data breach due to phishing scams? It is without doubt one of the most common, and one of the most successful, cyber-threats to modern day organisations.

This blog gives you all the info you need about what a phishing email is and how to spot one. It also covers how to protect your business from phishing attempts through Phishing as a Service and employee training.

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3.       Protect against DDoS attacks

The key to defending your business against DDoS attacks lies in understanding the threat. Is your business protected?

Our ‘DDoS: What’s the threat?’ whitepaper provides in-depth insight into the evolution of DDoS attacks, DDoS trends, the five key steps to prevent DDoS attacks against your business and more!

Download the whitepaper >

Gdpr One Year On

The GDPR:One Year On panel

4.       The experts talk GDPR: one year on

On Wednesday 22nd May, Co-Founder of Digital Next, Mark Blackhurst, Lawyer at Kennedys, Alison Loveday, and Partner from Clarke Willmott, Susan Hall, discussed the impact of GDPR coming into force.

What impact has GDPR had on UK businesses over the past 12 months, why is it so important to maintain compliance, and how has GDPR helped raise awareness of data protection as a whole?

Watch now for expert GDPR insights >

5.       Three ways to avoid crypto locker

Cryptolocker is a Trojan horse malware threat that has gained notoriety over the last few years, after it was first used to maliciously attack Windows devices in 2013.

But how does this attack work and what could it mean for you and your business? Crucially, how can your organisation prevent an attack which could have a detrimental effect on your business data?

Read the blog >

6.       Your cybersecurity guide to 2019

This year, we’re on a mission to get as much cybersecurity advice as possible into the mainstream so you can protect your organisation against the rising number of cyber-threats. This four-part webinar series has everything you need for a stellar security strategy.

Join our incredible panels of cybersecurity experts, including TalkTalk’s Noha Amin, Secarma’s Holly Williams, UKFast’s Stephen Crow and The Defence Works’ Edward Whittingham, for the ultimate guide to securing your business in 2019.

Get your cybersecurity guide >

Test, identify and secure your organisation against malicious phishing attacks with UKFast’s Phishing as a Service.