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Reserve your .uk Domain by 25th June 2019

20 May 2019 by UKFast

Back in 2014, Nominet released the .uk top level domain (TLD). Since many people were already using the TLD, Nominet also made the decision to implement a Right To Registration policy.

Up until this year, the Right To Registration policy meant that every person with a domain (or a,,,, or TLD) registered with Nominet, prior to the .uk release, automatically got protection of the .uk equivalent for five years. Anyone attempting to buy the .uk version of these protected domains then had to prove they were eligible by using the same registration details used on the existing domain.

What happens after the five years is up?

On 25th June 2019, all previously reserved .uk domains under the Right To Registration policy will be released into the public domain.

This means that if you have a domain but haven’t already bought the .uk version, then it’s time to do it now. After the deadline, the .uk domains will be made available to the general public for anyone to buy. This means someone could come along and buy your domain on a shorter .uk TLD.

Now this might not seem like a huge deal, as nothing happens to your actual site. However, there could be issues with customers finding your site and related issues that come with the confusion of having two identical website URLs only differing by ‘.co’.

Our advice? Reserve your .uk domain.

How do I check I have the rights to a .uk domain?

You can check if you have the rights to your equivalent .uk domain here.

Simply scroll down to the section pictured below, type in your current domain and check your rights.
Uk Domains

How do I reserve my .uk domain?

If you find you do have the rights to register a reserved .uk domain name, you can contact your registrar (the company you registered your original domain name with) to buy your new .uk domain.

Alternatively, you can choose to register your .uk domain with a different registrar. For instructions on how to transfer your existing website across to your .uk domain name we recommend you speak directly to your hosting provider.

If you’re a UKFast customer, give us a call on 0800 230 0032 now to avoid losing the rights to your .uk domain!

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