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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Cybersecurity: What is UKFast Threat Surveillance?

24 April 2019 by UKFast

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Today we’re delving into the world of UKFast Threat Surveillance. We’re getting to the bottom of this fantastic cybersecurity service and explaining exactly how it makes your business a much safer space for your valuable data.

Here’s everything you need to know about UKFast Threat Surveillance.

What is UKFast Threat Surveillance?

UKFast Threat Surveillance is a service where your networks or endpoints are continuously monitored for security threats. Threats include any type of intrusion or exfiltration of your  data. These can include cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injections, PHP web attacks and more.

Our Threat Surveillance technology gives you real-time visibility into the monitored network. This enables you to prevent and lessen the impact of a data breach by implementing the appropriate security measures and improving them in line with identified threats.

How does it work?

Threat Surveillance from UKFast continually analyses events across your network or endpoints using Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology. Collecting relevant data from a plethora of sources across your network, SIEM software provides you with real-time analysis of events and alerts you to any detected threats. From here, you can change or upgrade your security in a pro-active way.

Many of these events, such as someone logging in, accessing the network, accessing a file etc. will be totally non-threatening. However some will be attempts by cybercriminals to infiltrate your network and cause a data breach.

What are the advantages?

Our Threat Surveillance service allows you to identify previously undetected threats which can otherwise be difficult to recognise. By correlating data from many sources with information about the usual network and endpoint activities, Threat Surveillance provides incredibly accurate information on anomalies which may be a threat. In short, this solution reduces insider threats, finds vulnerabilities and lets you learn about what’s actually happening on your network.

You also save yourself the stress and costs of a data breach by tackling risks before they become a problem. As soon as threats are detected, implement a targeted cybersecurity approach to bolster your overall security.

The best part is that as more people join a threat surveillance service, the greater the protection becomes. This is because each malicious IP address isn’t just blocked for that particular user, but for every user on the Threat Surveillance service. So as more people join, more IPs are inevitably blocked in an exponential fashion.

Get Threat Surveillance today

UKFast Threat Surveillance blocked more than 1.5 million cyber-attacks on our clients’ solutions in the first ten weeks of 2019 alone. Our service uses SIEM technology to provide your business with real-time visibility over your infrastructure, ensuring attacks are detected and prevented to keep your business data safe at all times.

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