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Five Products to Bolster Your Cybersecurity Now

23 April 2019 by Charlotte Greene

Your cybersecurity measures must be able to defend your business against the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber-threats.

With DDoS attacks, data exfiltration attempts, a constant stream of phishing emails and more targeting organisations every day, it’s time to take action and avoid the stress of a cyber-attack.

Here’s four incredible products and services that you can take advantage of right now to bolster your security.

Threat Monitoring

In the first quarter of 2019, UKFast’s Threat Monitoring blocked more than 1.5 million cyber-attacks on our clients’ solutions.

Our Threat Monitoring service uses SIEM technology to provide your business with real-time visibility over your entire infrastructure. It detects all activity across your solution and provides an overview of the threats and vulnerabilities putting your business at risk. Cyber-attacks are detected to keep your business safe.

You can even add UKFast’s intrusion response service – Threat Response – to Threat Monitoring for immediate access to expert engineers who respond quickly to mitigate potential threats.

DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks are more intense and more sophisticated than ever before, so how do you ensure your business to remains online 24/7/365, even in the event of an attack?

UKFast’s DDoS protection platform – DDoSX® – investigates and identifies attacks, redirecting traffic away from your webserver to keep your business online. It analyses behaviour and predicts attack patterns to defend against even the most sophisticated of attacks.

DDoSX is a scalable, global infrastructure offering you the very best DDoS protection.

Web Application Firewalls

A web application firewall (WAF) ensures your data and applications are protected by blocking suspicious activity. A UKFast WAF sits directly on the application layer of your server and examines every HTTP request, applying a set of bespoke rules to filter out illegitimate traffic and ensure legitimate traffic is not blocked.

Our WAF solution protects against a number of vulnerabilities including cross-site scripting and malicious file execution. There are no changes to your existing setup, but an extra layer of protection for you and your clients.

Penetration Testing

Carried out by Secarma’s Certified Ethical Hackers, penetration testing mimics real life attacks. It aims to identify entry points that could potentially be exploited by hackers, giving you a tailored feedback report to act upon so risks do not evolve into attacks.

Otherwise known as ‘ethical hacking’ or simply ‘pen testing’, the service allows businesses to take advantage of reduced cybercrime risk and improved business continuity.

We scan your infrastructure for vulnerabilities, test your application layers and provide infrastructure assurance to ensure your data is safe.


Is your organisation struggling to manage the cost of increasingly important cybersecurity? Our Building a Safer Environment fund provides financial support for UKFast clients to protect themselves against cyber-threats with essential security products and services.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve invested more than £17 million into supporting our customers in this way. This year we’re investing a further £3 million – so make sure you take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

All the fantastic security products mentioned above are available through BASEfund.

Apply for our BASEfund offer today and get up to £10,000 towards your online protection services.

Get up to £10,000 towards your security solutions with UKFast’s BASEfund.