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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Expert Advice for Bolstering Your Cybersecurity

4 April 2019 by UKFast

Over the past seven weeks, we’ve invited a whole host of cybersecurity specialists to take part in our security-themed webinar series: Your Cybersecurity Guide for 2019.

This informative series is packed full of expert insight and advice, designed to help you bolster your online security. Laying the foundations for a great cybersecurity strategy, we’ve covered three core topics so far and the final episode is streaming live on Friday 5th April 2019.

What’s been included in the series so far? And what can you expect from Part Four? Let’s take a look.

Part One – What would an attack mean for your business?

The first step to protecting your business is knowing what you’re protecting it from. What threats are out there right now? What are the risks to your unique business and the data it holds? In this episode we discussed the risks and potential outcomes to businesses that are hit by cybercriminals.

Star Quote:

“The average cost per incident is about £1400 and Gartner is now saying that 80% of businesses that have a major attack are dead in the water within two years.”

– Neil Jones, Detective Superintendent of GM Police and Head of Greater Manchester Digital Security Centre:

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Part Two – What technology and expertise can you use to protect your business?

In this episode we explored the tools and services out there to help you fight cybercrime head on. What protective services are out there for your business? How can you implement the most appropriate protection for you without breaking the bank? Find out in this webinar.

Star Quote:

“The most important thing is how to govern the cybersecurity platform that you have – that is the first thing. You have to have a strategy, you have to have a policy, procedure and process to protect people, to protect data.’

– Noha Amin, Information Security Awareness Manager

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Part Three – How can you set aside resources for your cybersecurity measures?

With organisations constantly looking for ways to stay secure while also saving money, our expert panel debunked the myth that staying safe is expensive. Find out how to decide the correct security measures for you, and how to allocate a budget, team and additional resources to fight growing cyber-threats.

Star Quote:

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Part Four – How to get board-level buy-in

Ultimately, the only way you’re going to create a fully secure business is if everyone is on board. Getting board-level buy-in is crucial for SMEs and organisations with board members – how else are you going to get that all-important cybersecurity budget? In this episode, find out how you can encourage investment and a secure mindset across the entire business, from top to bottom.

Hear from our expert panel including:

  • Holly-Grace Williams, Principle Consultant at Secarma
  • James Turland, Cybersecurity Manager at PWC
  • Patricia Vella, Info Security Consultant at Resilience Matters
  • Carol Kendall, Commercial Strategist and Digital Catalyst at Siemens Energy Management

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Register now for Part Four of our Cybersecurity Series: ‘How to get board-level buy-in’, streaming live at 11am, Friday 5th April 2019.