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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Three Ways to Avoid Cryptolocker Malware

30.4.2019 by UKFast

Cryptolocker is a Trojan horse malware threat that has gained notoriety over the last few years, after it was first used to maliciously attack Windows devices in 2013. But how does this attack work and what could it mean for you and your business? Crucially, how can your organisation prevent an attack which could have a detrimental effect on your business data? Let’s find out. How does Cryptolocker work? Cryptolocker is a type of ransomware typically spread through infected email attachments. As a Trojan horse it infects computers running Microsoft Windows and searches for files to encrypt. This includes anything…

Expert View: April’s Cyber-Threat Landscape

29.4.2019 by UKFast

What are the most prevalent  cyber-threats right now?  And what are the latest security product updates from UKFast?  Find out the latest insight and advice from UKFast security expert, Sean.  The most common cyber-threats targeting businesses right now Phishing: The…

Your Friday Tech Round-Up: 26th April 2019

26.4.2019 by UKFast

We’ve reached the end of the last week in another extraordinary month of politics and business. The Brexit deadline has been moved to October and governments are clamping down on data breaches. But how will this affect your business? Let’s…

Five Free Resources to Skyrocket Your Business

25.4.2019 by UKFast

We’re all for free educational resources here at UKFast! With our huge range of blogs, whitepapers and webinars, we’re trying our hardest to make navigating the world of technology as easy as possible for you. Check out these fantastic free…

Cybersecurity: What is UKFast Threat Surveillance?

24.4.2019 by UKFast

Get up to £10,000 towards your cybersecurity, including UKFast Threat Surveillance, today. Apply for UKFast’s BASEfund Today we’re delving into the world of UKFast Threat Surveillance. We’re getting to the bottom of this fantastic cybersecurity service and explaining exactly how…

Five Products to Bolster Your Cybersecurity Now

23.4.2019 by UKFast

The PROsecure™ bundle provides real-time monitoring, proactive response, protection from layer 7 attacks, DDoS flood attack protection and so much more! Explore PROsecure now. Your cybersecurity measures must be able to defend your business against the increasing frequency and sophistication…

Cloud Insight: What is Managed Hosting?

17.4.2019 by UKFast

Managed hosting is a phrase we all see and hear a lot these days. But what is it? And how can your organisation make the most of it in 2019? In today’s blog, we’re answering these burning questions and explaining…

DDoS Attacks: A History of their Evolution

16.4.2019 by UKFast

Over the last two decades, dramatic changes in the tech industry have altered the changing landscape of advancing cyber-attacks. The threat of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks is increasing and evolving. But where did it all begin? Let’s find…

How to Build an Effective User Journey

12.4.2019 by UKFast

The user journey on your site is what determines whether or not your customers are going to buy your products. Can you really afford to lose customers before they reach the all-important ‘confirm purchase’ button? If your user journey could…

Your Friday Tech Round-Up: 12th April 2019

12.4.2019 by UKFast

It’s time for a Friday tech round-up to send you into the weekend clued up on the latest industry headlines. We continue through April with a sense of unease as the political landscape remains uncertain and businesses wonder how Brexit…