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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Six Tips for Fantastic Customer Service

5 October 2018 by Jenn Granger

Customer service is one of our passions at UKFast – it’s what made us stand out from the rest when we first began, and is still one of the primary reasons that people choose us today.

However, we also know that providing fantastic customer service requires hard work and constant improvement, to ensure that our customers are getting everything they need, when they need it.

We believe that every business has the ability to provide a seamless journey for their clients, so, in the spirit of Customer Service Week, we’ve put together our top tips to give your customers the service they deserve.

The customer always comes first

At UKFast, we mould our solutions and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) around clients to suit their individual needs. Some of our most successful innovations have come from finding ways to meet our clients’ requirements, even if this means designing completely new products.

The needs of our clients always come first, it’s in our culture. So much so that we recruit people who display the levels of understanding, care and support needed to look after our clients’ businesses as if it were their own.

Get to know your clients

Our support team is divided into pods so that each of our clients get to know their support pod on a personal level. We believe that the best business relationships are ones that allow us to connect and, while we appreciate this isn’t easy for all businesses, making the customer service experience personal is a great start. Can you make small changes to your systems to make the experience feel more personal?

Efficiency is essential

Ease and efficiency go hand in hand. Every customer wants a quick, friction-free process, whether they’re interacting with you for the first time or reporting a problem they need help to solve. Optimising operational procedures, updating equipment and employing passionate and supportive individuals are key factors to making customer service as efficient as possible.

Always be available

Nowadays, there’s no such thing as nine-to-five customer service. In the world of flexible working hours, international relationships and instant gratification, it is imperative that your business supports clients 24/7/365. With so many channels to communicate with customers, your business can be available to clients whenever, wherever, so your ability to assist their user journey must be also.

Consistency is key

Did you know that it takes twelve good experiences for someone to forget one bad one? Consistency is key for building a great customer service experience, but this cannot be attained without making sure all the cogs in the machine are well oiled. Quality Assurance is a must to ensure you provide a consistently brilliant level of service. Hold coaching and training sessions with your team to make sure the quality of service you provide continues to improve.

Measure your success

If you’re not keeping track of your good work, how do you know when to celebrate and where to improve? Collecting ratings and reviews every time you deal with a customer, and taking pride to always improve your feedback scores are what allows your business to continue to grow in tune with your clients. At UKFast we track our NPS, which measures customer satisfaction, to ensure our customers are as happy as they can be.

At the end of the day, our customers are what keep our businesses going and they deserve the very best.

Happy Customer Service Week, everyone!

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