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eCloud®: What’s New For Your Cloud Solution?

18 July 2018 by Jenn Granger

Chris Folkerd speaks about eCloud® Hybrid

Chris Folkerd speaks about eCloud® Hybrid

Happy fifth birthday to our beloved eCloud®!

To celebrate, we managed to pin down Chris Folkerd, UKFast’s Director of Enterprise Technology, to talk about the latest developments in eCloud and what exciting things to look forward to.


Hi, Chris! We know you’re a massive fan of eCloud – tell us a bit about what’s been happening lately.

eCloud® now makes up 43 per cent of UKFast’s overall revenue as businesses are realising the massive advantages of cloud working. Earlier this year I spoke at Cloud UK Live to speak to our audience and customers about the great thing that is hybrid cloud.

“It’s now a multicloud world – everyone is doing their own thing and there are a lot of options out there. Scalability and flexibility in UKFast’s contract prices and data storage are necessary to be the business-leading hybrid cloud. People expect so much more.

You don’t have to adopt everything at once. Innovation is running faster and faster all the time, so put your cloud into research and development.”

I stand by what I said: adopting a hybrid cloud or multicloud solution really can mean the best of both worlds – both of public and private cloud – and we’ve been working hard to provide you with the most innovative technology in your eCloud solution.

We’ve expanded our internal infrastructure team which means we have the space to evolve as new tech comes out, making eCloud faster, smarter and more flexible with every day that goes by.

eCloud works on modular pod-based architecture, all built in-house, so we we’re not tied into specific hardware providers. This gives us a lot more freedom to develop eCloud at our own speed and build in the latest innovations.

We have created Pod 7 which runs on newer intel-scalable UCS architecture, including the latest M5 series blades from Cisco.

With the introduction of ClearCloud, we now offer an end-to-end supported multicloud experience, incorporating the best-of-breed technologies built into eCloud with the scalability options of a hyperscale cloud.


What else has been going on behind the scenes?

We’ve been modernising our infrastructure, ready to roll this out to the public in a few months’ time. Our VMware upgrade is 95 per cent complete and is soon to be ready for all our customers, there to enhance performance and your platform’s reliability. The model is highly scalable and responsive to our customers’ needs.

Metrostorage architecture was deployed 18 months ago for our Private eCloud clients, and this was rolled out to our Hybrid clients in February. Metrostorage introduces true multisite resilience to customers meaning almost zero to no downtime in the event of failures with very little input needed from our customers.


What can we expect to see in the future?

We’ll be implementing NSX the latest in SDN technologies allowing us to offer microsegmentation techniques to our customers, effectively placing small policy-driven firewalls in front of each virtual port, leading to higher levels of granular protection across a solution and reducing the reliance on a single border firewall.

In fact, we’re going even further to make your solution GDPR-friendly. We are encrypting VMs to create end-to-end assurance of your VM security.

So, what else are we doing?

  • We are deploying NSX for software defined networking (SDN), which means greater flexibility.
  • DR-as-a-Service
  • Shared GPUs for eCloud®

There are so many more exciting things for UKFast eCloud customers to look forward to – we’re here 24/7/365 to keep your solution up-to-date with the very best bespoke technology for your business.

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