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My Two Weeks at UKFast

1 June 2018 by Jenn Granger

My name’s Marcin. I’m a 17-year-old from Cecil Jones Academy and I’d like to tell you about my work experience so far at UKFast.

It’s been such an amazing first week, working in different areas of the company and shadowing each team. People like Dylan, Daniel and Amber, whom I’ve spent the longest amount of time with, and are some of the hardest working and friendliest people I’ve ever met.

My Two Weeks at UKFastDay One

I wanted to make a good impression; black socks and shoes, suit and tie. I got in quite early and was slightly nervous. Charlotte met me in the foyer and took me to the second floor to meet Sophie who will be guiding me through my work experience. Here I am asked some questions about what I like and want to get out of the two weeks which I really like, as it wasn’t like normal companies who just give you a desk and make you sit and listen. The UKFast team wanted to give me the best and most beneficial time here.

After this I was able to shadow Dylan on the Launch team.

The Launch team filled my brain with so much information, from how to decommission a server to how an IPv4 is actually formed and what it means. I don’t think I stopped writing until the end of the day.

With Dylan, I made a firewall (obviously he showed me how to do it step-by-step) and was shown how to put IP addresses behind it. Amber showed me how a QA check needs to be done on a larger task before it is sent out to the customer (it’s a long process!).

Day Three

On the Wednesday I was put on my favourite team: the Public Sector team, which deals with government users and websites. I was sat with George and James: George was working on a large project to set up a company’s server and VMs (Virtual Machines). This was very enjoyable to watch as it showed that even if you’re not very techy you can get lots of help available to you from the people around you.

James showed me the admin side of the Public Sector team and how he mainly deals with issues regarding password resets and server statuses, as well as anti-virus testing. This showed me that being a part of UKFast is like being part of one large family, because when you’re struggling to understand or do something there are always people ready and happy to help.

Day Four

On Thursday I was with the Dreams Team for the recruitment assessment day. This gave me a good insight into how an interview is performed at UKFast (it’s the best way to do one!). First, you imagine you’re stranded on a desert island and think of an inspirational character. But that’s not all: you must convince the rest of your group why your inspirational person should be allowed to stay and live on the island! This was a great way to see who the leaders are and who thinks outside the box.

I also spent time shadowing peoples’ interviews. This was the best part of the day as it showed me which questions can be asked, as well as letting me see the interview process from start to finish.

Day Five

On Friday I was back with the Networks team (my second favourite team). I was shown how to supress log messages emitted by a firewall and how to block IP addresses that are attacking a connection to slow down a server.

This was definitely the most enjoyable day of the week as after work I joined in at the LAN party, which was being hosted in the UKFast auditorium. It was a brilliant way to socialise and to meet new people from teams I hadn’t met yet (there was pizza and an excellent internet connection – why not join in?!).

So that was my first week at UKFast. I’d like to say thanks to everyone who took care of me and a special thanks to Dylan, Amber, Jimmy, Hal, Kane, James, George, James, Rose, Lewis and Lowri for spending time with me. Most importantly thank you to UKFast’s founders Lawrence and Gail Jones for allowing young people like me to do work experience at UKFast; it’s been one of my favourite weeks ever!

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