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Stuck in a Loop of Cyber Blunders? Get Our Top Tech Tips

2 February 2018 by Al McCloud

Groundhog Day has come a long way from the pagan rituals and small pudgy rodents: if you didn’t go into work today armed with your best Bill Murray impression, who even are you?

It’s on 2nd February we have a good think about how not to repeat our mistakes, in both our personal and professional lives

Just as we’d hate to relive the same day again and again, repeated cyberattacks can be a nightmare for your business. But what can you do to put a stop to these slip-ups?

Here are the top 5 most common tech blunders and our advice on how to stop living in Groundhog Day!


Not in my office!

One of the biggest cybersecurity mistakes we can make is believing it won’t happen to us. But as chaotic large-scale ransomware attacks have shown over the past two years, bad things can happen to good people.

Between 2016-17, almost half of all UK firms were hit by a cyberattack, resulting in fines and expenditure of £20,000 to millions. Treat your I.T. systems as you would a nice car – investing in the best protection will save you precious moolah in the future.

MarmotSomething phishy

Spam can sometimes squeeze itself through even the best filtering systems and can often be filled with dodgy links or attachments. It’s well-known that clicking on phishing sites can compromise your security, but curiosity sometimes gets the better of us and we can’t resist those attractive hyperlinks.

Set up a training course for your staff, reminding them of the importance of avoiding those clicks. Always check you know the sender of an email, or that they are from a reputable company, before opening it – this can sometimes be difficult in the morning before that first cup of coffee, but it’s a habit that might save your company thousands.

Password problems

Three of the top passwords in 2017 were 123456, password (both retaining their top spots from 2016) and starwars. I.T professionals across the world are tearing their hair out and hitting their heads against a brick wall year after year.

Passwords can be easily hackable, particularly if you use the same one for multiple accounts. Customise your password carefully and change it every couple of months. Capital letters, numbers and punctuation all put a spanner the works for hackers and encrypt your data to a higher level.

Back up

In the awful event of a cyberattack it can take hours, days or even months for a business to bounce back from the breach. Backing up your systems and data won’t protect you from a cyberattack but it’ll make it 100 times easier for you to recover.

Set a regular time to back up your computer and invest in a metro storage cluster to ensure that if one of your servers goes down, you will still have the exact up-to-date data you need at all times.


This is a new one for 2018. With the GDPR regulations coming into play on 25th May (that’s less than three months away, people!), your company should already have made headway with tightening your data protection.

If you’re not already, get clued up on what this means for your business and your staff’s workload. Do you have an assigned data controller? Does your IT team have enough capacity?

In the event of a cyberattack your client data needs to be protected to a high degree, or the GDPR gods can slam your firm with a hefty fine and a black mark next to your name.

It’s still the start of the year, so it’s the perfect time to be getting new computer habits in place. Put a stop to tiresome tech trouble and reap the profits of a cyber-secure business again …and again and again!

Don’t keep making the same security mistakes: Click here for your ultimate cyber-security guide.


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