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New eCommerce KPIs to Take into the Boardroom

19.1.2018 by Al McCloud

eCommerce professionals like you need a pat on the back. The average consumer might not appreciate that your industry often forces you to throw out everything you’ve ever learned and start from scratch. It’s a symptom of the internet cycle: we adapt to our users’ needs only for those needs to change again with the introduction of new tech. In a much simpler time, users only had one device (usually a bulky beige PC) and the idea of content marketing would have been deemed a distraction. Back then just one KPI mattered: conversion rate. But users got used to ordering…

How Wireless Routers Were Hacked into a DDoS Army

17.1.2018 by Al McCloud

What the Huawei HG532 router teaches us about IoT security. Arguably the first ‘Internet of Things’ device was created back in 1991 at the University of Cambridge. It was called the ‘Trojan Room coffee pot’ – it was a camera,…

We’re Putting an End to Blue Monday

15.1.2018 by Al McCloud

It’s no secret that ‘Blue Monday’ started as a PR campaign, but like all good campaigns there’s a grain of universal truth within it. January is nobody’s favourite month. The weather could be better, most of us overindulged over Christmas…

2017’s Biggest Public Sector Tech Stories

11.1.2018 by Al McCloud

Cybersecurity To say cybersecurity was just an issue for the Public Sector would be a colossal understatement. In 2017 the entire world was in awe and in fear after seeing, for the first time, how hackers could disrupt and steal…

How to Digital Detox without Missing a Thing

10.1.2018 by Al McCloud

It’s January, the perfect time for self-improvement, but with everyone clogging up the gym and healthy food a welcome change from the last month’s indulgence, what else could you improve to make this a year of success? Deloitte revealed in…

Spectre and Meltdown Updates

5.1.2018 by Al McCloud

Updates 10 January 11:10 am McAfee has included a method for auto deployment for the registry key change, which will allow the patch to be received through automatic Windows updates. For more information visit the McAfee website. 11 January 11:05…

Will The End Of Net Neutrality Affect Your Business?

3.1.2018 by Al McCloud

The Trump Administration is in the process of repealing long-standing U.S. net neutrality standards in order to shake up the internet-at-large. Who will this change benefit? Will it affect your business?  The Basics Internet Service Providers like BT, Sky Broadband,…