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A Class Act in 2017

21.12.2017 by Al McCloud

Visitors to the UKFast Campus are often surprised by the amount of stuff going on here; there’s certainly too much to cover in one blog.   For those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of visiting, we have a dedicated training and education department here, and the enthusiastic team that dwell inside, organise the internal and external education which plays a huge role in making UKFast special. Before the year draws to a close, we’re dusting off our metaphorical projector and clicking through some of our favourite slides from the 445 educational outreach events and that the…

How To Leave Your Website Over Christmas

21.12.2017 by Al McCloud

For the best Christmas experience your technology’s got to go, hasn’t it? In fact, for a truly Dickensian Christmas, you should turn off the power, light some candles and rely on paper hats, crackers and charades. Who needs the internet…

Is Your Public Sector Organisation Prepared For GDPR?

19.12.2017 by Al McCloud

There are less than six months until the GDPR becomes reality. The regulation will completely change the way everyone handles data, and hopefully, lead to fewer breaches. A safer internet is fantastic news for everyone, but achieving it will be no easy…

Behind The Scenes: Black Friday at UKFast

4.12.2017 by Al McCloud

Take a look behind the scenes at UKFast’s UK-based, wholly-owned datacentre during the preparation for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. During these peak eCommerce periods, we bolster our data centres with extra staff and hardware to ensure your website is…

The UKFast Sleigh is Full for our 12 Days of Christmas!

4.12.2017 by Alice Cullen

We'll all be visited by Father Christmas this year, but only a few of us will be lucky enough to get a Faster Christmas too. To countdown to Christmas, we've got stockings bursting at the seams with gifts and gadgets…

One eCommerce Strategy To Ditch In 2018…

1.12.2017 by Al McCloud

The eCommerce strategy you need to leave behind in 2018 is national thinking. It’s time to start thinking globally about your business potential. In order to truly reach new audiences you need to start thinking globally, and there’s no reason…